30th May 2019

It’s game day. And the Toronto Raptors are in the NBA Playoffs!

I can’t stop watching this history-in-the-making clip. STILL holding my breath seeing that ball bounce FOUR times off the rim before landing in the net!

I’m especially excited because my two home teams will be playing against each other WOW!

When I came across this photo, I knew I had to share because I spent a lot of time looking at it. It represents me and brings a lot of comfort. Two wonderful cities on opposite coasts, miles apart… the sparkling red Golden Gate Bridge and the twinkling CN Tower almost merging and bringing me closer to all the things, familiarities, friends and family that I left and miss dearly.

See I had to overcome a lot of challenges moving here, so I do feel like one of those Raptors perched on the bridge, fighting to be in the Bay Area.

Either way, whoever comes out of this game as the better team, I’ll feel like I won. But ya know I’ll be cheering on the Raptors! Even Californians have been telling me that Toronto’s team spirit is off the charts. #GoRaptors

Raptors vs. Warriors, will you be watching the game and who are you rooting for?

Photo credit: Phantamas

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