Where To Stay & Eat In Sitges Spain

16th July 2017

Sitges Spain

Endless blue skies. Every day. Yep, that’s Sitges. Known as the ‘St. Tropez of Spain’, this coastal town in north eastern Spain is packed with glam, great food, lively night life and 17 beaches! We spent a week here and it was such a lovely escape from the bustle of Barcelona.



Arrive by Renfe in 45 minutes from Estació de França in Barcelona. A one way ticket cost 4€ per person.

Renfe Spain


Stay in the town centre. Sin Street (Carrer Pescado) is the hub where all the restaurants, bars and shops are clustered and the beaches are right there. It’s touristy though so expect to pay a premium for the convenience. It’s also really loud… like louder than NYC Times Square! Between the patios, people partying and 5am recycling trucks making their rounds, it’s a full immersion of noise 24/7!


We booked this Airbnb ‘White Sitges Apartment’ for $350/night in July.

If you are a light sleeper or prefer something more residential, Hotel Subur Maritim is a cute seaside inn with a pool.



Now let’s talk (and drool) over the food options! There is no shortage of Spanish tapas, gastronomic delights and cultural cuisines but here are my favourites…

Dosa Nova

We stopped by Dosa Nova for an organic iced coffee every day. This quaint cafe is owned and operated by a friendly family from France.

Cold Soup

Try their veggie burger in a dosa! Pairs well with the chilled creamy cucumber soup.

Francesco Sitges

Pizzeria Francesco is known for their thin crust pizzas but it was here that I had the best seafood pasta! (Wish I took a better photo of it.)

Hotel Sitges 1883

I love hotel bars and the one at Hotel 1883 is truly a hidden gem — tucked away in a secret garden patio with bean bag chairs!

Lady Green Sitges

Vegetarian Sitges

Lady Green Sitges is a bio vegetarian restaurant. For 20€ you can enjoy a prix fixe menu that includes a beer or sangria.

Red Velvet Cafe Sitges

We had brunch on the patio of Red Velvet Cafe. Your go-to place if you are vegan, gluten-free or just want some clean eating. Order the avocado toast and not just because it’s trending on social media, but it’s seriously fresh and delish.

Burger and Beer Sitges

For a quick bite, grab a Burger and Beer.


And of course, there are popsicles and gelato shops at every corner!

Veritas Spain

While dining out is part of our regular lifestyle, the bill can add up fast when you are traveling for almost three weeks! To offset some of the cost, we bought most of our beverages, fruits and breakfast foods at Veritas — an organic supermarket.


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2 thoughts on “Where To Stay & Eat In Sitges Spain

  1. Darlynne

    When we backpacked in Europe for 3 months, we mostly cooked ourselves and self-catered. Especially in Spain when vegan options at the time were limited. Gotta love the markets though, always had everything we needed!

    1. Wendy Post author

      The veg scene is definitely gaining momentum esp in Barcelona. My vegetarian friend visited a few years ago and mentioned how challenging it was to find restaurants as well, so she mainly went to the market and ate fresh fruits and bread.


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