12 Ways To Make Money When Traveling

22nd March 2017

Montego Bay

I’m part of an active Worldschooler’s Group on Facebook. Every Monday, members toss around money making ideas. And since I’ve done my share of extensive traveling (anywhere from 2-8 months at a time), I’m always getting asked “how I fund my jetset lifestyle”… so take note, here are a dozen ways to (remotely) earn your way to that beach hut or scuba excursion.

Monetize your blog

I’ve been blogging for 7 years! I never thought I would get paid to eat food, do spa reviews and go on press trips but it’s true that you can generate a healthy side income from sponsored content. Build out your blog with ‘valuable and authentic stories’ then reach out to your favourite lifestyle brands and pitch them ideas on how you can help promote their products or services. You can also join Collective Bias and The Blogger Programme that connects bloggers to paid marketing campaigns.

Love social media? Be an influencer!

With Instagram and Snap, it’s easier than ever to get paid for sharing your travel moments. Grow your community, engage, follow your favourite travel brands and connect with relevant sponsors to form partnerships or join influencing marketing platforms like Influenz or TapInfluence.


Know your stuff? Educators can now earn money using the Clark app. It handles every aspect of a tutor’s business, from drumming up students, to managing scheduling and payments, to making it simple to communicate with parents. VIPKID is another platform (based in China) that connects English-speaking educators with Chinese students.

Get one, two or ten freelance jobs

Fiverr has created an efficient freelance marketplace where you can hire or sell your services to anyone in the world. From writing gigs to web design projects, editing videos, making arts & crafts, giving advice, even online guitar lessons and everything else in between (there are over 100 categories)! You determine your rate and get to keep 80% of the transaction. Here’s a list of popular sites for freelance worker.


Be a Virtual Assistant

If you are looking for more than a side hustle, this may be the perfect thing for you. VA’s offer ongoing online support to companies. Admin duties, event planning, data analysis and social media are just some examples of things you can easily do while on the road. Just be mindful of time zones because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had conference calls in my pj’s (while in bed in Asia) at 2am! In Canada there is an Association of Virtual Assistants that you can join for more info.

Affiliate Marketing

My hubby has been in the industry for over a decade and he’s seen big money being made here. We are talking about 5-digit pay checks in a week! How it works is you basically promote a product and earn a percentage of the profit for each sale that you make. (This is NOT multi-level marketing so understand the difference and beware of scams!)

Once you learn the tricks of the trade, you can basically generate passive revenue 24/7. However, unlike all the other things on this list, it requires more time to learn, some technical skills, investing your own money (for media buys), determination and LOTS of grit to become a successful affiliate. Since this is a beast of a subject, I’m going to refer you to Neil Patel’s blog, CJ AffiliateSTM Forum and Affiliate Summit if you are interested in learning more.


Are you a specialist at your craft? This is where a lot of our side income comes from. We own an ad agency that specializes in Google AdWords and Analytics, and we also help manage Affiliate Marketing programs. The beauty of consulting is it’s pretty much borderless. As long as there is Internet you can setup shop and share your expertise and knowledge anywhere in the world whether in person or via Skype.

Be a guest presenter

Conferences and workshops happen in major cities all year round so if you are a thought leader in your field, signup to be a guest speaker. Aside from receiving a stipend, your business will receive props globally plus don’t forget about the ample networking opportunities!

One of the services our ad agency offers is to connect the right people to the right things and events. For example, we invited over 15 top plant-based chefs to do monthly cooking demos in beautiful Muskoka, ON. These chefs get compensated for their time plus travel expenses and they can also sell their cook books or merchandise to really reel in the dough.

Publish an eBook

I haven’t gotten to this yet but I’ve always wanted to write a fiction. Digital books are an excellent way to earn a passive income and further promote your blog if you have one. Here is a list of top self-publishing platforms including Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing where you can earn up to 70% royalty on sales.

Set up an Etsy Shop

I know lots of people who curate unique things during their travels and sell them online. If you are an artisan at heart, you can also make handmade soaps and jewellery from anywhere in the world. And don’t forget, you can also sell services on Etsy. I’ve seen graphic designers sell custom greeting cards, website and resume templates.

Prowl Craigslist for local gigs

When I was in my mid-twenties I moved to Vancouver, BC and while I was looking for a job, I ended up taking on a couple of gigs. Typically they pay $20-25 an hour and it’s boring/laborious work such as data entry, assisting in the setup and taking down of events, passing out samples at trade shows, etc. The upside is there is no long term commitment and often you can cash out after the job is done. Some gigs just take up one or a few days so you are free to move on whenever.

Offer to do hotel reviews in exchange for accommodations

This is not a money making tip but more for not having to spend any! When we took a road trip along the PCH1 driving from San Francisco to LA, I was able to arrange free hotel stays for a week. I basically emailed the hotel manager (three weeks in advanced) and offered to blog about my stay and promote their hotel on social media in exchange for a room.

Got other ideas? I’ll love to hear how you make money while traveling the world!


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