We Visit the Googleplex in Mountain View!

20th February 2017

Our ad agency turned 6 end of last year and we celebrated at the Googleplex in Mountain View.

As part of winning a mobile marketing challenge (from the Google Partners reward program), we were treated to a tour, lunch and plenty of gourmet snacks. We even got to record a Hangout at the YouTube studio!

Seriously my geek girl dreams have come true!


Google dinosaur

Did we fool you? We posted this photo on Facebook and so many people told us they thought it was a video and clicked on the YouTube button… gotcha!

Google bike

The Google Campus sprawls over 2 million sqft so Googlers cruise around on these colourful bikes. To get to/from home to the office, they commute on shuttle buses (wifi enabled of course).

Google Food

Google Cafe

The ‘Google Fifteen’ is a real thing! Noob Googlers report on packing 10-15 lbs over their first three months of working here. Can you blame them? There are cafes and snack bars to tempt you at every turn!

Google campus

The main common area for rest and play. Catch a game of beach volleyball or swim endless laps in the pool.


Recognize this spot? It’s where the comedy movie The Internship was filmed. Starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson as salesmen who talk their way into an internship at Google.

Office slide

The famous Google slide that started making offices ‘cool’. There are also massage rooms, a hair salon, bowling alley, numerous game rooms and laundry facilities… sure I’ll hangout here after work!

Video game room

All your favourite 80’s and 90’s arcade video games are here. And the best part, you don’t need quarters to play!

Ball pit

Jump in! There is no better way to get those creative juices flowing than by having your next meeting inside a ball pit right?!

Nap pod

Need privacy? These pods are the perfect place to take a power nap or for working on your big secret project. <– And there are many of those happening! Googlers are encouraged to adopt the 80/20 rule. 80% of your time spent on campus is dedicated to work and 20% is carved out for ‘passion projects’.

Results page

The Crayon Graph is now proudly part of the Google museum. Rewind to 1999!

Results page

And the rest is history…

Google growth graph

Sticky notes

Door tables


We found a bunch of these life size Androids scattered around the building. They are designed by artsy Googlers.

Google donut

Android Donut for days!

Android garden

Gingerbread (2010), Honeycomb (2011), KitKat (2013), Lollipop (2014)… the dessert themed code names for Android’s operating systems.

Google Maps Street View

Wave when you see one of these cars driving around your neighbourhood! Street View imagery is gathered by 8 cameras pointing in different directions that simultaneously take pictures.

Youtube studio

At the YouTube studio recording a Hangout video for our ad agency!

Google Partners

Thanks again Google for hosting us!


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