#GirlBoss: Nichelle Laus of OTC Toronto

22nd June 2017

Optimum Training Centre

Nichelle is a fitness model, personal trainer and the owner of Optimum Training Centre, a 6,000 sqft training facility in Toronto. She’s known for her 8 weeks to fabu-LAUS program and oh did I mention she’s a mom of four boys?! Let’s find out how this ex-cop turned mompreneur stays on top of her fitness game and what exercises she recommends for other busy moms…

What’s a day in the life of Nichelle Laus like? 

Being a mom to 4 little ones and owning a business, it is pretty hectic. Sometimes I don’t even know how I fit it all in but I do because I have to. There is no other choice and to make things happen, you have to hustle. You can’t sit there and dream about making things happen. You have to go out and make them happen!

My average day usually starts really early in the morning. I get up at 5:00 am and hit the gym at 5:30 am for my daily workout. I like to get it done early so it doesn’t interrupt family time, and I don’t have to worry about finding the time during my busy day to get it done.

I have a pretty busy, yet manageable schedule because I make sure everything has a time slot. I also leave room for surprises, a flexibility is key when you a momtrepreneur!

After getting 3 of the 4 kids off to school, I head into work, Optimum Training Centre, which is my personal training studio in Etobicoke. I train clients for a part of the day, and of course, work on the administrative stuff that comes along with owning your own business.

Nichelle Laus

After 3:00pm, I go into full time Mom mode again, which involves after school activities, cooking, cleaning, laundry and snuggles. Once the kids go to bed at night, I relax by having a bath or shower, then work on my other business, my online transformation business.

I enjoy my busy lifestyle. A lot of people wonder why and how I do so much but I really enjoy what I do and because I love it so much, I don’t look at it as work. It’s my passion and if I can motivate or inspire one person a day, my job is done. The rest is gravy.


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Soundpays: make purchases instantly from digital ads

19th June 2017

Soundpays App

This is a sponsored post.

I tend to be an early adopter when it comes to technology. If something maximizes my convenience, lets me skip the lineup or is an innovation that is simply way cool… I want to be the first to know.

And that’s why Soundpays caught my eyes and ears.

It’s a mobile wallet app that… WAIT FOR IT…


Transmits product purchase information (using inaudible sound waves) to your smartphone so you can make purchases directly from ads you see on TV, online or from a digital sign!

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Right Here. Right Now. I have everything I’ve always wanted.

16th June 2017

Birthday 2017

I’ve got all this fancy sh!t but it wasn’t the “things” themselves that sparked joy… it was more about knowing that ‘I CAN’.

I’m exactly where I want to be right now. Today. Looking back at the bucket list I curated for my 25 year old self, my goals revolved around my career in the rat race and dining at Michelin Star restaurants. A luxury downtown condo and import cars defined success. Don’t judge! I was part of that 80’s MTV generation. I wanted to live in multiple cities and have a passport filled with stamps from exotic destinations.

All before 40… so I could retire by 43! What I realize though, after checking all these things off, it was more to prove that if I could dream it, I could ‘real life’ it.

So it’s my birthday month and I’m married to my best friend and I’m a Momma to a darling curious rambunctious boy. And I guess I am semi-retired because I co-founded an ad agency, have this blog and love what I do. Older yet wiser, happy, healthy, grateful and feeling comfortable in my own skin. All the things that really matter. Now I’m going to go eat a $7 bowl of pho in my $65 dress to celebrate! ☺️🎂


Summer Beauty Favourites

10th June 2017

Summer Beauty

When it comes to beauty in the summer, less is definitely more. I like to keep my routine quick and simple. Here are my favourite products to help you get through the sun and heat…

Argan Brightening Facial Scrub

Acure Organics is one of my favourite beauty brands. For the past four years, I’ve been using their facial wash, toner and this fabulous scrub (twice a week) to get a deep cleansing experience like I would at a fancy spa. The scrub has just the right amount of grainy texture so you can feel it working on your face but it’s still gentle enough that sensitive skin doesn’t feel tight or dried out. ($18)

Burt’s Bee Facial Towelettes

I always have these wet towelettes stashed in my purse so I could remove makeup and excess oil lickety split. The Peach and Willow Bark version exfoliates (bonus!) and smells absolutely delicious. They comes in a pack of 30 and are a beauty must-have at home and on the go. ($10)

Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant

I love the Lavanila product line because they use natural ingredients and are bursting with beautiful scents like vanilla, lemon, coconut and grapefruit. This deodorant contains no aluminum, paraben or propylene glycol and doesn’t leave yellow pit marks on your white shirts. The only downside is it doesn’t stop sweat completely so if you are really active, you will need to reapply the deodorant to ensure maximum odour protection. ($17) Also comes in a travel size. ($11)


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Summer Events In The 6ix

9th June 2017

Summer 2017 Events

My favourite time of the year is here! Let’s make this summer deliciously magical starting with these fun events…

May 20 to Oct 7 – take a stroll along the harbour and check out the 75+ vendors at the Waterfront Artisan Market. This event happens every Saturday.

June 13 & 14 – The Stop’s Night Market is an all-you-can-eat fundraiser for night owls.

June 15 to 18 – Taste of Toronto is the ultimate foodie festival for friends who feast.

June 15 – Give Me Liberty After Work Party hosted by Liberty Village BIA.

June 16 to 18 – indulge in tacos, guacamole, churros, tequila, hot sauce and everything Mexican at the Taco Fest.


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Food Porn Alert: #AdelaideEatsTO

5th June 2017

Adelaide Eats

Food courts in the Financial District will be abandoned for Adelaide Eats this summer. Perched on the second floor terrace of 150 York Street, this foodie market will be serving up cold drinks and mouth watering dishes by artisan chefs now until July 28, 2017.

So make a lunch date with your co-workers or grab dinner with friends because there is now a reason to linger around the financial core after office hours. Here are a few of our favourites…

Fish'd by EDO

Fish’d by EDO // TO’s original hand-crafted sushi burritos and Hawaiian poke bowls.

Toben Food

Toben Food by Design // fresh and local creations with flavours from around the globe.

Chimney Stax

Chimney Stax // of course the ‘cookie monster’ ice cream sundae caught my son’s eye!


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City Escapes: Westin Trillium House Blue Mountain + Scenic Caves Adventure

23rd May 2017

Westin Trillium House

This past long weekend we made the 2 hours drive to Blue Mountain to immerse ourselves in nature. For three glorious days we woke up to birds cheerfully chirping instead of the typical city construction.

Blue Mountain has become our favourite family getaway for the last three years. We usually visit during the winter so it was definitely odd seeing bikes on the grassy hills instead of the snowcapped peaks, but honestly, I enjoyed it more this time with the warmer weather.

Westin Trillium House

Check-in: Westin Trillium House.

I’m part of SPG but had forgotten that I was a Gold Member so our standard room was upgraded to a Preferred Guest Suite on the fourth floor. Yasss, I love surprise perks!!! There was a balcony, kitchenette, dining area, living room and even a den (that could easily be used as a second bedroom with a pull out couch). The highlight of the suite though was the magnificent giant 20 ft windows over-looking the hills.


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#GirlBoss: Laura Davidson of Whistle App

17th May 2017

Whistle App

WHISTLE is a social fitness app designed to help users connect with local fitness enthusiasts looking for a workout buddy. Think let’s #SweatTogether! In between squats we got a chance to catchup with the Founder + Girl Boss, Laura Davidson about her fitness routine, working for Mr. Wonderful – Kevin O’Leary and her fave hangout spots in the 6ix…

What’s a day in the life of Laura Davidson like?

Every morning begins around 7am with a healthy breakfast – usually a protein shake packed with anything/everything. They are quick, which is important for me as my days are non-stop. Once I’m up, I get myself together, take the dog for a walk, and head off to my 9-5. I always fit a workout in during my lunch hour. Whether that’s a 5-7km run or a weight lifting session at the gym, it all goes down during lunch. I eat a meal back at my desk and continue with the work day. I schedule calls over meetings whenever I can to allow more flexibility in my schedule, and I work on WHISTLE throughout the evening.

Occasionally, I will attend a group fitness class after work or have dinner with a friend or family member. I meal prep on Sunday or Monday so lunch and dinner are ready for the week and there is no cooking or grocery shopping to get in the way. I finish off the day with another dog walk and am usually in bed by 10pm. Time management is very important for a successful day and I always make sure I get enough sleep to recharge for tomorrow.

Laura Davidson 1

Tell us about the WHISTLE App.

WHISTLE is a social fitness app that connects people looking for a workout partner. Think Tinder, for fitness buddies. Through a selection of personal filters, including activity and time of day, users match with one another by swiping left or right on other people’s profiles with similar interests. Once a match is created, the users can communicate in the chat portion of the app, create group chats, and schedule calendar meet ups for their workouts.


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A Letter To My Sonshine About Love, Life & Poop

12th May 2017

Mothers Day 2017

You were so happy bouncing around in my tummy for nine months that it took 40 hours and a team of 3 midwives, 2 nurses and 1 surgeon to bring you into this world that crisp autumn night.

We named you ‘Caden’ – spirit of the fighter. The perfect name for a little boy who shines with relentless determination. I love how you recently started questioning everything and I hope you never lose your sense of wonder. I hope your spirit stays indomitable. Always.

Right now your favourite things are singing, reading, strawberries, trains (with wooden tracks only), your friends Max + Issac, elevators (not surprising for a city kid growing up in a condo), the jungle gym (aka dada’s chest) and everything chocolate.

It took only 4 days to toilet train you… number one. And 10 gruelling months to nail down number two. Rejoice! Yes, we knew you could do it all along but you fought us. It was a control thing. You wanted to do it on your own terms and to show us who’s boss. But at the end you realized it really was a battle between Caden vs. himself.

And this is our first lesson, my son… in life YOU often are the barrier to greater things. Not other people. Not situations or circumstances. So don’t hold back that poop and never hold back on pursuing the things you are passionate about!


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BarNotes: Spicy Tequila & Coconut Lemonade Cocktail

1st May 2017

Spicy Coconut Lemonade Cocktail

This refreshing cocktail takes a Mexican twist on the classic lemonade. It’s become my favourite bevy to serve because it combines tart + sweet with a spicy finish. Perfect to kick off Cinco de Mayo or warmer cottage weekends ahead! Cheers.


– 3 oz Thirsty Buddha coconut water
– 3 oz lemonade (I like Kiju Juice or Santa Cruz – both organic brands)
– 1 oz Tequila
– 1 jalapeno, thinly sliced
– mint leaves
– sparkling water


Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake shake shake! Then pour into serving glasses and top up with a splash of sparkling water. Garnish with additional jalapeno slices for extra zing.