My Journey Of Firsts

11th November 2015

Pampers Firsts

My first year as a momma was an indescribable mosh pit of love, happiness, excitement, poop and lattes.

It’s hard to imagine that not too long ago we were sleep deprived and clueless parent trying to figure this baby thing out… and now our very curious and rambunctious little boy has turned our condo upside down! Where did time go?!

I finally understand the saying “the days are long but the years are short”.

A trip down memory lane…

As I was sorting through hundreds (maybe even a thousand!) photos to make this collage, I got to relive so many “firsts”. It was so hard selecting just 16 but here are my favourite moments:

  • The day I became a mommy and my life changed (for the better)
  • Our first Christmas!
  • Sitting up by himself for the first time
  • First solid food (yummy avocados)

  • First flight, first trip out West to meet Daddy’s extended family
  • Cousins meeting for the first time (my niece and CJ are a month apart)
  • First time on a swing (look at that smile!)
  • First magazine cover! (Toronto Life July 2014)
  • Sat on grass and picked a flower for the first time
  • First trip to the playground
  • First Halloween, first visit to the pumpkin patch
  • First beach vacation (Dominican Republic)
  • Happy Birthday 1.0!
  • First steps
  • First temper tantrum
  • Playing in the snow for the first time (Blue Mountain)

So many memories and a lifetime more to look forward to!

Here’s my journey of amazing firsts. What are your most precious moments?


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