10 Surprises That Motherhood Pulled On Me

6th March 2017

Mommy and Baby

You can still go on date nights.

Rejoice! Hubby and I thought we would be forfeiting our 2 date nights a week tradition after CJ was born but it’s three years later and we’re still making it work! Babies are more adaptable than we think. If you train them right from the beginning, they can sleep anywhere. We just had to adjust our dinner time to after 8pm then we would pop CJ in his stroller and take him with us to restaurants, events and yes, he even sleeps through concerts!

Here’s a list of our favourite family friendly restaurants in downtown Toronto.

Carrying a baby or chasing a toddler does not count as exercise!

It didn’t take long for me to get back to my pre-baby weight of 110 lbs but ‘skinny fat’ is a real thing (as a friend subtly hinted at me)! So after three years of fooling myself, I got my less than perky butt back into the gym and enrolled in Class Pass to get fit.

Think you were exhausted that first year? You don’t know what tired is (yet)!

Newborns are intense with all that crying for no reason. And my gosh breastfeeding was a part-time job in itself! But toddlerhood is another beast… to entertain CJ for an hour, I’ve got to think of six different things to do. And every night when he’s asleep, the mom chores continue. Expect to be crawling around picking up toys and cleaning pop stained (toilet training) underwear.

Because of #3 you WILL become that ‘I won’t be like that’ type of Mom.

No iPad until he’s two I told hubby and he agreed. We caved in around 18 months… or else we would get nothing done!


Enrolling in extracurriculars and preschool is a competitive sport.

I thought I was super organized and ahead of the game when I called three downtown Montessori Schools (while I was pregnant!) to register CJ. I was put on all three wait lists. 2 years from his start date?!?! REALLY!!! Swimming or soccer lessons? Plan to camp outside the community centre at 6am to secure your spot.

I don’t miss my old life as much as I thought I would.

Sure there are moments when I envy the freedom my childless friends have. And many Saturday nights I would look out the window with a serious case of #FOMO and complain to hubby ‘that people are partying without me’! But I’m having a different type of fun now… taking CJ on ice cream dates, seeing him run wild and free in the ocean, creating new family traditions.

I started shopping at the Gap.

I don’t have anything against this store but their clothes just never fit me (and most petite Asians would agree that even XS is much ‘too loose and boxy’). I am a sucker however, for cute Baby Gap outfits and since I spend so much time shopping here for CJ, I also started buying things for myself. Bonus that I can throw stuff in the laundry now because who has time to hand wash fancy $100 tops from Club Monaco and Aritzia anymore! Clean and comfortable trumps fashion labels these days.

Suddenly you’ll acquire super(mom)powers! 

You will grow eyes on the back of your head, have reflexes like a ninja, sense your child’s cries before they open their little mouths, gain super strength and be able to push a stroller full of groceries with a squirming baby on the hip.

The ‘two kids or nothing’ rule has completely been abandoned.

I had an amazing pregnancy and I love being a mom more than I expected but can I imagine doing THIS all over again? Nope… see #3 and 5 above!

There will be nothing else or no one else in this world that will challenge you and make you cry, laugh and love harder that being a mom. 


I’ll love to hear your motherhood stories. What are some things that surprised you or that you wish you knew before having a baby? 


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1 thought on “10 Surprises That Motherhood Pulled On Me

  1. Karen Pasieka

    Motherhood has TOTALLY changed my shopping habits! I used to shop at Jacob & Mexx, now those stores don’t even exist anymore! When my boys were younger, it was Old Navy, because it was around the corner from the kiddie play area in the mall. Bring along Grandma or Daddy, leave them with the kids for 20-30min as they sip coffee & the kids romp around a padded pen, and I’ve got a new pair of jeans off the sale rack! But sadly those days are over, so now the majority of my clothes are Joe, because I can combine me shopping with dinner shopping at Loblaws. …I totally understand your GAP predicament. Never liked the GAP for myself and can’t figure out how you’d find anything there to fit you! Agreed, boxy & big! But the kids stuff, BOYS stuff, is amazing! Tip, when they’re little, check out Once Upon a Child. Can’t tell you how many brand new, brand name labels I’ve bought there (GAP included), tags still on, for dirt cheap prices.


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