Worldschooling: Life Project Education

20th March 2018

Life Project Education

I am so excited to share this post because I can’t speak highly enough about Life Project Education! I discovered it on a worldschooling website and was so intrigued that I emailed the owner and teacher, Alys immediately and enrolled CJ even before booking our flights! I actually never planned to go to Costa Rica haha but ended up making a whole ‘workcation’ out of it.

When it comes to education, I’m a really proactive mom who sits on the PTA and does extensive online research on all the different options so I really respect Alys for operating such a top notch teaching environment and recommend checking out this school yourself. Plus it’s in Costa Rica… beats your kid reading about sloths and macaws in textbooks when they can actually see them IRL!


Life Project is located in the beach town of Manuel Antonio and considers itself a world school.  So they accept international students ages 4-12 for a day, a week, a month or annually! Their teaching concept is holistic – inspired by neuroscience, child development and human ethics.

The class sizes are small and mixed age, however CJ received dedicated attention and a custom academic program designed for his level. He came home on day 3 to show me his pencil grip, then I overheard something about quantum physics in the 2nd week and during his 3rd week, his teacher commented that he spent 45 mins looking at a human anatomy book. ‘My child?!?!’ I asked proudly haha!


Life Project Education Costa Rica

I love the open air classroom with little stations of the most fascinating worldly objects! There is colourful artwork hung everywhere, a centre stage, a garden and a huge starfruit tree! There’s also an indoors space with desks and a kitchen that CJ really enjoys cooking ‘magic potions’ in (which really is fruit based ice cream).

Within the first 30 mins of meeting Alys and hanging around her school, I felt her energy, passion for teaching and knew she had nailed it with her ‘project’. In her former life, she was a teacher in San Diego, California. But secretly, I think she was a fairy god mother too!

Bone sorting chart

Alys incorporates Montessori-inspired teaching which I appreciate since CJ comes from a Montessori background. There are also strong aspects of forest school philosophy here — which includes lots of hands-on outdoor playtime. Not surprising given that the school is engulfed in nature.

He would often come home and tell me about ‘filing his bucket’ or getting rewarded with owl vomit or how they created a natural spa with plants and essential oils… such an innovative and fun way for kids to learn and retain information. Most importantly, he comes home excited and happy. Every single day!

Natural eco spa

Our time with Ms. Alys, Stephany and Ariane was short and sweet — 17 days together but we made each day count. This school is a hybrid of everything I’ve been looking for. If I could bear with the intense Costa Rican heat and didn’t have to go home to take care of some business, I would seriously consider moving here for the rest of the year so CJ can continue attending.

I could go on and on about Life Project Education so if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below or email me directly. You can also follow Alys’ adventures on Instagram.

Know of any other international or alternative schools for traveling families? Have you sent your kids to one? I’ll love to know!

Mucho gracias Alys + team. We will never forget our magical experience here! Xo 


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2 thoughts on “Worldschooling: Life Project Education

  1. Darlynne

    Great blog! This school sounds amazing. We are all for the “holistic approach” and world schooling as well. Hopefully in the next few years, we can take a year off to travel the world again and do some major learning in an 24/7 open-air classroom.

    Enjoy Costa Rica!


    1. Wendy Post author

      Thank you Darlynne! This was such a special and unique experience for all of us. I don’t have an education background or else I would LOVE to be involved or startup a school like this.


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