#ToddlerTuesday: Camera Shy Kids

20th December 2016

Casa Loma Christmas

3 pretzels, 1 fruit strip and 1 candy cane later… I finally got him to stand long enough beside this Christmas tree at Casa Loma to take these (blurry) photos!

Seriously I envy you if you have little ones that are not camera shy!!!

So what’s the secret? I asked around and here are some tips and tricks from other photographer parents…

  • If you are using the camera on your phone, set it to burst mode. Surely you will snag one good photo from the dozen!
  • Get a stranger to take the photo.
  • Ask them to say something silly like “sushi popsicle” or focus on another object instead of begging them to look straight into the camera.
  • Go for candid and put the pressure off of everyone to stand picture perfect.
  • Opt for a selfie instead and let them help.
  • Allow for silliness and stop nagging. The more you ask, you know the more they will run off or cover their sweet little faces… after all, kids sure know how to push our buttons!

How do you encourage your kids to be less camera-shy? Please share in comments and check out my other city mom posts with more adventures and practical tips. 

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