Back To School Traditions

16th August 2018

Back To School

CJ started Montessori School in Toronto when he was two. Then at four, he joined Life Project Education for a few weeks while we were digital nomading in Costa Rica. Next month he’ll be entering pre-kindergarten at his new school in the SF Bay Area.

This kid sure gets around! And I was right there with him at every first drop-off… with a big encouraging smile all the while holding back tears behind my extra large sunglasses.

We mark the end of summer (gosh is it really, already?!) with a trip to the CNE, filling our bellies with cinnamon dusted Tiny Tom donuts. Then it’s all about the photos on the first day. Bribing CJ with swedish berries for a snapshot by his locker. At the end of the school year, we ask his teachers to write messages in a copy of Dr. Seuss’ “Oh The Places You’ll Go”… which we plan to give him on his graduation.

Back to school sign

Here are a few other fun ideas to kick off your new school year…

Get a large t-shirt made with “class of _____”. How cute would it be to take a photo each year and watch them grow into their grad shirt. (It’s going to be #classof2032 for us!!)

If you have little ones, tame their jitters (and your anxiety) by reading The Kissing Hand or The Invisible String together.

Make a schuletüte – a great arts and crafts project! Based on a German tradition, it’s basically a school surprise ‘cone’ that parents fill up with supplies and treats. Check out Pinterest for inspo.


Create a time capsule – every year put a few meaningful items in and open it up when they graduate or at milestone grades in middle/high school.

We’ve all seen these popular Etsy signs to help mark the special day or print and craft your own. I purchased my felt letter board from Amazon for $15. Btw is my kid the only one that wants to be a ‘pinball machine maker’ when he grows up lol?!

Take a video asking the same questions every year like who’s your teacher, what do you want to be when you grow up, favourite hobby, who are your friends, etc. Stitch the clips together and watch how the answers change (or don’t change) over the years!


And just a friendly reminder that when posting photos + videos on social media, please keep details private! I just saw a photo with a little girl standing in front of her new classroom and it had her school, grade and teacher’s name all visible. Surely the photographer was excited but remember, safety first!

What are your BTS traditions? I’ll love to hear them so please post in the comments below!


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1 thought on “Back To School Traditions

  1. Darlynne

    Hey Wendy!
    Cool BTS ideas! I especially like the t-shirt class of 2031 idea! Going to do this one!
    Since it is our first year in school, I started a special pancake breakfast and did a “Mom and Me” dinner and movie night (minus Papa since he was still at work). Also, it was his “first time” in a movie theatre, so it was a double whammy! He loved all the celebrations, we’ll probably do it again next year!



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