Shifting Gears in 2019

8th February 2019

I made some bold and heart palpitating changes in 2018. Traveling for most of the year and worldschooling CJ then making a giant move from Toronto to the SF Bay Area.

As Facebook Memories pop up and as I flip through my phone photos, I can’t help but feel accomplished and marvel at the big adventures (and risks) our little family took!

So how on earth am I going to top that?!?!

I’ve been asking myself this as I start a new chapter. Things were certainly not stale in my life but the one thing that did need shaking up was my career. Adfluent, our ad agency had been running auto-pilot, the demands of moving, traveling and motherhood had pushed it to the back seat. And part of me no longer had the motivation to move it to the forefront again.

After a few months of introspection and snooping around an incredible Female Founders Facebook community to see what other boss ladies were doing, I decided to stick with marketing. I mean when I get fired up talking about paid search and retargeting, ya know that is where my passion lies. Plus I’m pretty darn great at it haha.

But the new spin is that after marketing other people’s products and services for the past decade and half, it’s really time to have a product of my OWN to market. The ultimate goal is creating and making it myself, but I’m not at that stage yet so for now, I’ve curated it from overseas.

More about the actual product later but I’m staring an e-commerce business and I’m pretty darn excited about it! The niche I decided to focus on is mental health and wellness. A nod to my psychology degree and because I genuinely believe our world needs extra love these days.

Building something from the ground up is something I’ve never really been involved in. I’ve always stepped into a role at a company with an existing product and my job was to figure out how to market it better.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been immersed in decision making from the ground up. Picking out the brand’s colour palette (various shades of blue) to landing page design to the more geeky stuff like learning about drop-shipping logistics to shopping cart abandonment and content creation for our VSL video — including pouring over model portfolios in search of the right gal to represent the look/feel of our product. The struggle is real but it’s been a fascinating learning curve for me!

I’ve never been a morning person but now I can’t wait to scoot CJ off to school so I can see all the exciting updates and to-do tasks on Trello. My team is in Asia and Europe so a lot happens overnight while I’m sleeping!

As I bid forward to 2018 and our digital nomad lifestyle, 2019 (the lunar year of the golden pig) will be dedicated to exploring our new backyard in California and new business ventures! No excuses, no more fears.

Tell me about your plans and goals! I’ll love to hear what you’re looking forward to and/or working on this year.

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