Update: From Toronto to Las Vegas to San Francisco to Costa Rica!

1st March 2018

Volcano Villa La Fortuna

Hola from Costa Rica!

It’s been two months since we left Toronto. Sorry I’ve left this blog neglected! I haven’t been able to find the right words to describe what I was going through without bringing on the tears. So I decided that what I really needed to do was unplug, soak up life and take it day by day rather than battle it out with writer’s block.

Moving Boxes

The last quarter of 2017 was intense and anxiety ruled me.

My departure was an overload of emotions. I was excited to escape the deep freeze that blanketed the city over the holidays, yet all the farewells and moving out of our King West condo — the home where we started our little family, completely broke me.

I could still hear the screeching sounds of tape running across box after box after box. The never-ending packing did eventually end and now it was just waiting for our ‘grand plan’ to unfold.

Everything was about to come together or maybe not! Over the next three months, we would be checking into 10 hotels and Airbnb’s… so I was anxious about double booking or worse, skipping a day and not having a roof over our heads!

Zumanity Las Vegas

Deep breaths… because adventure awaits!

What I told myself as I watched the New Year’s Times Square ball drop on TV… is that I probably won’t ever truly be ‘ready’. But it’s still ok to say yes even if I don’t have all the answers yet.

Nervous AF or not, it was 2018 and our first stop was Las Vegas. (You can read all about how I kept CJ entertained in Sin City while hubby attended his annual marketing conference here.)

After we flew to San Francisco where I had three weeks to pull together a plan and figure out where to live, where to setup our office, which school CJ would attend and all the other fun grownup stuff. Yep this is #momlife!

San Francisco Caltrain

By the end of our SF lag, poor hubby commented that he felt like an Uber driver. Sitting in I-280 traffic and patiently driving me from one neighbourhood to the next as we went through our extensive check-list.

Twenty one (yes, 21!!) neighbourhoods later, we shortlisted the top four: Burlingame + Los Altos on the Peninsula side and Lafayette + Walnut Creek in East Bay.


Philz Coffee

<Insert coffee break!> Finally got to try Philz Mint Mojito Latte and it definitely lives up to the buzz.

Six school tours and 10 hours of filling out long form applications (omg all this for kindergarten), I was done and seriously needing a vacation!

Costa Rica collage 1

Onwards to Costa Rica!

We’ve been here a month now and everything about CR is so lush, tropical and magical.

While many people skip San Jose to head directly to their lavish resorts and villas, we spent 6 days immersed in the local culture. Here’s the street view of the capital and largest city…

San Jose Costa Rica

Jivan, our friend from Toronto and fellow digital entrepreneur met up with us in Manuel Antonio and we checked into the most beautiful and luxurious villa!

Costa Rica Villa 1

Costa Rica Villa 1

Costa Rica Villa 1

At night, I would lie awake (in this bed with it’s over-the-top headboard!) and listen to the rainforest come alive. By day, we had all sorts of fun critters come visit us including iguanas and this cheeky white face monkey!

Costa Rica Monkey

At the end of February, we flew the (grand)parental units in and spoiled them for the week. We stayed in the lovely beach town of Jaco for a few days and then made the 4 hours drive to La Fortuna to hike the national park and take a dip in the hot springs.

Arenal Volcano National Park

Back at home I would always be abruptly awoken by banging construction and furious cabies honking their horns as they navigated grid lock traffic but here… my alarm clock was a rooster and I stepped out to THIS view from our Volcano Villa every morning!

La Fortuna

Creating memories like this and seeing my parents’ smiles as they hiked up Arenal Volcano and wobbled on the hanging bridges is what keeps us motivated to ride out the highs and lows of being entrepreneurs. Giving back makes me very :)!

Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park

We are now back in Manuel Antonio, Quepos and will be staying here for a few weeks before rounding off our trip in the surfer town of Dominical. CJ is attending a wonderful world school so hubby and I FINALLY get some relief and will be catching up on emails/work.

Selina Cowork

Selina is this fun + hip co-working space that we will be running our ad agency out of. There will definitely be more blogging to come as well, so stay tuned!

Playa Espadilla

Meanwhile, you can follow my adventures on Instagram.

Pura Vida! Which means ‘pure life’.


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2 thoughts on “Update: From Toronto to Las Vegas to San Francisco to Costa Rica!

  1. Darlynne

    Hey Wendy
    Lots of loud construction and cars honking here, you’re not missing much. Enjoy Costa Rica. What I miss the most about South/Central America is the Latino/Reggaeton/Bacchata/Spanish music blasting from all corners (from the the Bodegas to the Chicken buses). Absolutely pura vida!


    1. Wendy Post author

      I definitely miss the convenience and variety of the city but for now, I’m enjoying more peaceful days for sure! Hmmm haven’t heard much reggae/spanish music though… neighbour was blasting Eminem this morning haha! Maybe it’s because we are staying in more expat/tourist areas.


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