The Imperative Vegan Retail Store Opens In Toronto

17th December 2016

Vegan is New Black

The Imperative opened it’s door this month for conscious shoppers looking for vegan and cruelty-free products. It’s the first in Canada!

Vegan Tshirts

Our family often talks about driving change by “voting with our dollars”.

This means making conscious purchasing decisions. Deliberately choosing where our money goes thereby, supporting certain brands and organizations that support our ethical philosophy.

The Imperative is this place, where one can feel good shopping at and putting their money where it counts.

The Imperative Store


The Imperative Store

Located in Parkdale, conveniently across the street from Doomies (yes, THAT place with the $16 vegan Big Mac), this concept store is owned by the good folks behind the Vegan Food and Drink Festival and Ecorazzie, the unapologetic website that serves up meat/dairy-free content.

Vegan Store Toronto

Vegan Clutch Wallet

I was invited to a media event earlier this week and got a sneak preview of all the wonderful, delicious and cool things this store has curated.

Veganism For Everybody

Veganism For Everybody. NOT Veganism Vs. Everybody

The shelves are well stocked with animal-free products that don’t sacrifice style for ethics. I spotted everything from Vaute Couture faux fur winter coats, designer bags, makeup, books, gifts, kids toys and even custom vegan merchandise.

Buck Naked Soap

Pacifica Beauty

Vaute Couture Vegan Coat

Say cheese! They even have a fridge full of non-dairy cheese including Bryt Life and Artisan Nut Cheeze. I recommend the smoked gouda and greyday blue!

Vegan Cheese

The basement level is home to shoes including Olsen Haus and Native brands, Tokyo Bags, clothing accessories and more shoes!

The Imperative Vegan Store

Vegan Handbag

Natives Vegan Shoes

Olsen Haus

Don’t live in Toronto? Stay in touch via Facebook and Instagram and they will be launching an online store soon.

The Imperative // 1332 Queen Street West // Toronto

Vegan Store Toronto

Thinking of incorporating clean eating or a plant-based diet into your lifestyle? Here are my no-stress tips on going veg*n and favourite non-dairy bite size cheesecake and vegan ceviche recipes.


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5 thoughts on “The Imperative Vegan Retail Store Opens In Toronto

  1. ABC

    It sounds great, but I’d like to see what sizes they carry in their clothing before I endorse the ‘vegan for everybody’ statement . Vegan companies have a bad track record of accommodating the needs of fat vegans with plus and extended plus sizes.

  2. Carley MacKay


    I am wondering if you have the Emily Future jacket by Vaute couture in stock?! If not, what jackets do you have? I’m looking for a vegan dress coat!

    Thank you very much!


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