The Suspense Is Killing Me… Give Me An Update Already!

16th August 2017


One of my pet peeves is Facebook updates that go something like this… ‘omg can’t believe this is happening, send me good vibes pleeeease’! WTF right?!

Well I wasn’t planning on being one of ‘those people’ that create unnecessary suspense with no followup but I’ve probably annoyed enough of you over the last few months — dropping hints then disappearing to the cottage and Spain for half the summer.

So I owe you guys an apology and update.

Before the guessing game continues that I got a job (no!), that I’m pregnant (nooo!), moving (yes), here’s what’s up with the fortune cookie photo I posted on Instagram…

Fortune Cookie

At the beginning of the year, we applied for a US Business Visa. Which explains why I was extra busy and cranky. Government paperwork is a beast!

Spring rolled around and we still hadn’t heard back. That’s when I started to lose my mind! Planners have to plan right?! Boxes were half packed. The deadline for CJ’s school tuition was coming up and we had no backup if he loses his spot. Travel plans grind to a halt. Our life was (almost) put on pause.


Fast forward to the beginning of summer when hubby and I were having a date night at Mother Dumpling. At the end of our meal we cracked open our fortune cookies and received these messages (or omens and signs, I prefer to think of them as)… a week later, we got our red, white + blue visas!

So we are moving!

Selling everything and taking this blog and our ad agency on the road (and to a tropical island) in 2018! Redesigning our lives so we don’t have to spend another Canadian winter in a gloomy office.

We will be ringing in the new year in Las Vegas and attending the Affiliate Summit Conference and CES. It’s all about ‘bleasure’ (business + pleasure) right?!

Then hopping over to Costa Rica because somehow hubby ‘accidentally’ booked a flight there! (I am still processing how this happened so I’ll save the story for another time.) We will return to Toronto in the spring to reset before taking our time to slooowly drive and explore Route 66 — visiting our clients/friends and eventually making our way to our new home in California!

It’s exciting and scary seeing our grand plan come together. We’ve had an amazingly eventful life here and Toronto will always be home, but it’s time to get out of our comfort zones and shake things up a bit.

Over the next few months, I’ll be transitioning from CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) to CFO (Chief Family Officer)… getting our family from here to there. Coordinating the logistics of our move, arranging travel plans and homeschooling CJ <– Yikes! So less marketing and more mommying.

The days are going to fly by and as organized as I like to think I am, I’m sure there will be many adjustments and surprises along the way!

I look forward to sharing our journey with you here and on Instagram. 🙂

Xo Wendy

PS. Comment and let me know how your summer is going! I’ll also love to hear if you have any big plans or changes coming your way as well.


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4 thoughts on “The Suspense Is Killing Me… Give Me An Update Already!

  1. Darlynne

    Congrats! California is a beautiful place to settle down. Which part? I have family in SF, Sac and Laguna. Oh I can imagine all the amazing road trips to neighboring States. What a great choice.

    As for CFO, welcome to the club. I love it but I also need a break in the day, that is when I hit the gym and the LO socializes in the activity centre. It’s all about balance. Enjoy and best of luck!


    1. Wendy Post author

      Thanks Darlynne! We’ve been working on this plan for almost two years and it’s finally happening! It’s bittersweet because TO really is an incredible city and we will be leaving behind so many friends/family but it’s time… for our business to continue growing, for CJ to have more space to run wild + free in nature and no more Canadian winters! Hubby’s working on a project in LA so we will go there first, eventually making our way to SF. You will have to come visit! 🙂

  2. Leesh

    Wendy…can we please meet up before you leave/move?!?! I want to hear all about what’s in store for you and the fam. Plus I want to see you. Email or text me when you have some free time. We never hit up a patio this summer like we planned…you’ve been busy…but let’s definitely plan to meet up soon.

    1. Wendy Post author

      Hi Leesh! Still time to make it to a patio… I’ll email you soon. We won’t be leaving until next year because our accountant advised it’s better for our tax situation and I committed CJ to a part-time school for the fall term.


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