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19th June 2017

Soundpays App

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I tend to be an early adopter when it comes to technology. If something maximizes my convenience, lets me skip the lineup or is an innovation that is simply way cool… I want to be the first to know.

And that’s why Soundpays caught my eyes and ears.

It’s a mobile wallet app that… WAIT FOR IT…


Transmits product purchase information (using inaudible sound waves) to your smartphone so you can make purchases directly from ads you see on TV, online or from a digital sign!

Okay ditching the geek talk, this is how it would work in real life…

You and I are walking down the street and we spot a digital billboard for Blue Jays Thursday Night In The Six game. Typically I would snap a photo and send myself a mental note to check it out later.

With Soundpays, we would actually be able to purchase tickets right away by opening up the app, which then downloads the prices — complete with all the usual additional booking, taxes and shipping charges — then directly from the ultrasonic sound waves coming from the ad, we just tap the screen and the transaction is made!

Alternatively if you see an online ad on your laptop, you can also make an instant purchase. I love this because it skips the actual hassle of having to sign-up or log-in to another site and going through a longer checkout process.

Done and done, take me out to the ball game!

Soundpays Android

Say hello to the future of mobile payment!

Soundpays is still in their secret lab working on the technology but it won’t be long before this becomes our preferred way to securely and conveniently make purchases.

As we wait for their big launch, you can still experience what will be everyday technology in the future and of course, earn bragging right to being the first to try it out!


Soundpays Deals

They’ve curated 5 exclusive promotions for us eager beavers. You can check them out in the showcase here.

Just download the free app on iOS or Android and follow these 3 easy steps:

Soundpays iOS

Soundpays is a proudly Canadian company based in Toronto. Visit their website and follow their payment adventures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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