That Time I Saw A Psychic & Life Coach Named Angel

6th May 2016

Bird Totem

If you told me that in early spring 2016 I would be talking to a lovely woman named Angel who could communicate with my beloved late grandfather and predict that I’ll have 2 kids, I no doubt would have been intrigued but don’t expect me not to sneak in a couple of eye rolls!

Angel Morgan is a Life Coach and a Psychic. I was invited by a colleague to meet her at The Spoke Club despite me saying “I wasn’t really into this new age stuff”.

Needless to say, I had no expectations when I met Angel. She greeted me with a warm smile on a rainy afternoon and told me she felt a lot of “bird energy” as I entered the room. My totem animal is the “heron”. A long-legged bird to help me restore my balance.

She quickly went on describing me as a very considerate and intelligent person who knows what I want in life (and is actually on the right track!)… but I need to take deeper breaths and bigger steps to claim the spotlight!


True enough, I’m a bit on the shy and passive side, and over the last few years, I’ve worked hard on not being afraid to ask for things (squeaky wheel gets the grease!), allowing myself to make choices without worrying about justifying it to others, and learning that saying “no” doesn’t automatically make me into a mean girl. Reminding myself that I’m not always responsible for other people’s happiness has been liberating!

Alright so I know these things about myself already and needing to be more assertive and not hold myself back is a pretty common thing for women in general. I was entertained but not totally convinced.

During my 45 mins session, Angel passed on a message from my grandfather and talked about some of the late relatives who were looking out for me. She was pretty darn accurate! Hearing about my past from someone who wasn’t part of my family was incredibly fascinating yet creepy all at the same time.

Toronto Island

My ears finally perked up when Angel asked me if I had specific things I wanted to know – something unveiled from my past, a decision I needed help making in the present or a forecast into my future? I didn’t even know I was allowed to ask questions! So of course, I had to find out what was in store for me down the road!

Specifically I wanted to know IF I was going to move and WHERE. <– This has been a topic in our household for the last 6 months and has already contributed to 2 panic attacks. For those who stay up late navigating MLS/ and cursing off Toronto real estate and bidding wars, I’m sure you can relate!

Angel told me “yes, I’ll be moving near the water and not too far from my current home”. This was my turning point where I decided maybe I can trust her after all and she wasn’t just a bunch of hocus-pocus. After screening a dozen neighbourhoods, my husband and I decided we belong in the city but needed more space to raise our son so we started looking at 3 bedroom condos in Harbourfront. Aside from our parents, NOBODY KNOWS THIS and Angel was bang-on.


She also nailed it when she told me we will be traveling in August. It’s a toss up between California and Spain but we plan on taking our vacation at that time. Let’s see if she’s right about me having 2 kids though because right now we are pretty settled and happy with our one! Angel did warn however, that I should stay away from men who frequently wear red… hmmmm.

We lead such busy and complicated lives that there is little to no time left for self reflection.

What I got out of my session was having dedicated time to pause and focus. I didn’t realize how incredibly therapeutic talking can be. I even had several aha momentshearing myself say certain things out loud! I loved that Angel was open to me asking her questions and made it a two-way conversation. I also found out she is a life coach so along with some more clarity into my future, I also came away with very inspirational and encouraging career advice. This was definitely a fun and eye-opening experience!

We all know referrals are gold (especially when it is a highly personal service) so I definitely recommend Angel if you are seeking a psychic reading (into your past or future), energy healing or just some good old fashion non-BS life advice. She is legit!

Click here for her service menu. Drop my name to get her special rate! Thanks Angel! I’ll be checking in later this year with an update.

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