What To Expect When You Get An Oxygen Facial + Special Promo

31st January 2017

Holts Spa

Last week, I took a mommy time-out at the Holts Salon and Spa where I was treated to a 60 mins oxygen facial.

The wonders this type of facial can do to dry winter skin!

Asmeret, my esticician was all about making me feel comfortable and relaxed, explaining every step of this “miracle facial” that many celebs swear by.

Unlike your typical spa facial with luxurious smelling creams and golden potions, this one is all about ‘results’ – so hydration and rejuvenation to help eliminate toxins, tiredness and signs of aging.

Asmeret first cleansed my face, then exfoliated it with a grainy scrub before applying warm steam for 3 mins to open up my pores. After some brief extraction around my nose area, she applied a fruit-based enzyme peel and left it on for 10 mins while she offered me a lovely hand and arm massage. The peel felt tingly but not stinging which meant it was doing it’s thing of removing dead skin cells to ‘reboot’ the skin naturally.

Next she used a glass wand type of tool to apply direct high frequency to further tighten the elasticity on my face and neck. Bonus that it provided an antibacterial effect making it great for my oiler t-zone. It didn’t feel like much (sometimes you heard little sparks) but Asmeret tells me that only traditional spas continue to do this treatment and her clients keep coming back for more.

After my face was thoroughly cleansed, she massaged on two types of nourishing serums. Facial massages when done right are an absolute treat and so relaxing! It helps with the circulation which gives you that glowing look.

Oxygen Facial

The oxygen part came next. Think of it as an air brush… a cool mist of pure oxygen was pumped into my face. It was odourless and not at all uncomfortable. If anything, it felt really refreshing and I could totally feel my face plumping up. Asmeret finished with a moisturizer, eye cream and lip gloss and I walked out of there feeling like I just came back from a beach vacation!

Did it work?

Considering this is a non-invasive and anti-botox treatment, the first thing I noticed was the instant change in my skin – mega hydration, firmer, less noticeable laugh lines and hello baby soft skin with a peachy glow!

Gone was that tight wintry feeling that I walked in with. The ‘just came from a spa’ results lasted for about 5 days. Which is way more than I get compared to other types of facials.

It’s been a week now and some of the effects have started wearing off but my face still feels toned and relaxed. My skin also seems to be drinking up moisturizer easily and overall, I look way more lively in the dead of winter.

The oxygen facial works best when done every month. At $225 though I think it’ll be more of a quarter splurge for me that I definitely plan to work into my beauty routine.

SPECIAL PROMO: mention CITYREFINERY when you book your appointment and try the oxygen facial for $150 (that’s $75 off). Yay!

Thank you to Pure Beauty at Holts Salon & Spa for providing this treatment. The review including photos and opinions are mine.


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