#GirlBoss: Laura Davidson of Whistle App

17th May 2017

Whistle App

WHISTLE is a social fitness app designed to help users connect with local fitness enthusiasts looking for a workout buddy. Think let’s #SweatTogether! In between squats we got a chance to catchup with the Founder + Girl Boss, Laura Davidson about her fitness routine, working for Mr. Wonderful – Kevin O’Leary and her fave hangout spots in the 6ix…

What’s a day in the life of Laura Davidson like?

Every morning begins around 7am with a healthy breakfast – usually a protein shake packed with anything/everything. They are quick, which is important for me as my days are non-stop. Once I’m up, I get myself together, take the dog for a walk, and head off to my 9-5. I always fit a workout in during my lunch hour. Whether that’s a 5-7km run or a weight lifting session at the gym, it all goes down during lunch. I eat a meal back at my desk and continue with the work day. I schedule calls over meetings whenever I can to allow more flexibility in my schedule, and I work on WHISTLE throughout the evening.

Occasionally, I will attend a group fitness class after work or have dinner with a friend or family member. I meal prep on Sunday or Monday so lunch and dinner are ready for the week and there is no cooking or grocery shopping to get in the way. I finish off the day with another dog walk and am usually in bed by 10pm. Time management is very important for a successful day and I always make sure I get enough sleep to recharge for tomorrow.

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Tell us about the WHISTLE App.

WHISTLE is a social fitness app that connects people looking for a workout partner. Think Tinder, for fitness buddies. Through a selection of personal filters, including activity and time of day, users match with one another by swiping left or right on other people’s profiles with similar interests. Once a match is created, the users can communicate in the chat portion of the app, create group chats, and schedule calendar meet ups for their workouts.


The idea for WHISTLE came from my own personal struggle of trying to stick to a regimented workout routine. I wanted to make a change in my health and fitness and as most people know, that’s easier said than done. I needed someone to hold me to my workout and fitness goals.

After a few failed attempts with family and friends, I downloaded Tinder to match with other women in a non-romantic sense with the hopes of finding a workout buddy. And from there the concept of WHISTLE was born.


Is it fair to associate Whistle to a dating App for those who want to find love plus a spin partner? Hey, how about we work on those washboard abs together then we can go grab a pint or a salad?! 😉

WHISTLE is not a dating app. Our purpose is to connect people who are looking for a workout partner. If both you and your workout buddy happen to be single and hit it off that’s great, but it is not our intention for people to position themselves as dating prospects on the platform. We keep our focus on fitness and encourage our users to as well.

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Your day job is an account manager at O’Leary Ventures. What is it like working with Kevin O’Leary? Is he really Mr. Wonderful?

I currently still hold my 9-5 job with O’Leary and the experience here has been incredible. Without this job, I probably would never have found my entrepreneurial spirit.

What are some of the barriers and challenges for a non-technical founder to create an app?

Learning the technical side of web and mobile development was challenging at first. Everything sounds like it is in a different language and it can be overwhelming. Once you learn the basic platforms and style of code conversations with more technical people, it definitely become second nature.

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Your favourite dining and hangout spots in Toronto…

Favourite place to wine and dine is definitely Cote de Boeuf on Ossington. For a more casual hangout I would have to say Soho House. Besides that, anything with a patio in the summer months is where I like to be!

Top 3 places on your travel bucket list…

I have always wanted to go to Spain, do a safari in South Africa, and visit Machu Picchu in Peru.

If you wrote a biography, what would the book title be?

My Sweat Story: From Finance to Fitness


#SweatTogether with Laura by downloading the WHISTLE App and follow her fitness adventures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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