4 Things That Have Made Me Happier & Healthier

30th December 2016

Gym Treadmill

Are you planning to make new year’s resolutions? I’m not.

Rather than set myself up for another round of promises that I’m eventually going to break (likely by April), I’m leaving behind what didn’t work last year and continuing with these 4 things that did help me live a more well-balanced, active and healthy life. Hello 2017, I’m ready for ya!

1) Short but intense workouts 3x a week

One of the main reasons why I can’t stick to a gym routine is because it’s boooring! Sure if Modern Family was on, it would make my 30 mins on the treadmill slightly more entertaining but otherwise, it feels like I’m simply rotating through the same equipment over and over again.

So after testing out a few apps, I stuck with the Nike+ Training Club App which has kept me the most engaged. There are 30 mins Circuit Challenges and the Tabata Toned Workout can be done in 12 mins. These sessions are short and sweet but sure work up a whole lot of sweat!

My workout time in now cut in a half but honestly, I feel like I’m still achieving the same results. Another bonus is that these workouts can be done at home with affordable equipment (dumbbells, medicine ball, skipping rope and yoga mat).

Something new I’m also trying out this year is ClassPass. <– Click for promo code to get $30 off.


2) Avoiding secondhand stress 

As I get older (and wiser) my social circle has definitely shrunk. Not necessarily a bad thing considering I’ve gotten a lot of time back (plus my sanity), not having to be involved in other people’s drama. Aka secondhand stress!

I really only have 4 people that I can truly count on and call a “friend”. Facebook friends don’t count. Once upon a time, it was cool to collect friends on social media. Now I care less about Klout scores and more about eliminating the white noise. I even did a friends detox. (Sorry, not sorry!)

So ditch those complainers, nay sayers, pretenders and dreamers. And surround yourself with doers, mentors and those who will evolve with you.

Tidying Up

3) Embracing minimalism

So much has already been written about the topic of decluttering. Marie Kondo definitely sums it up the best in her book, The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up… if it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it.

Easier said then done since I have a sentimental side and love to shop but I have gotten in the habit of asking myself these two questions before making a purchase: 1) does the item have a minimal design and 2) does it have frequent utility? I only buy things if I answer yes to both!

When it comes to clothes, I avoid trendy and opt for J Crew or Wilfred classics. I own one watch, a Gucci that my husband gave me ten years ago. It doubles as a bracelet. Less is more.

Fiasco Gelato

4) Rewarding myself with fun and frivolous things!

The key to rewards is having a prize that is indulgent. It doesn’t always need to be lavish but just enough to give you that extra little push and have something to look forward to.

For example, I reward myself every time I complete 8 workout sessions – so I usually claim a prize every 3 weeks. My splurge was a Hammam & Gommage treatment at Shangri-la Spa but mostly it’s simple pleasures like allowing myself to do nothing but Netflix & chill for 3 hours or savouring a pint of $9 Fiasco Gelato.

These are 4 simple yet very effective and commit-worthy things I’ve incorporated into my routine. What goals did you set this year to live a happier and healthier life?


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