Thinking of a Friend Detox? Do it!

7th January 2017


Once upon a time it was cool to have a huge social circle or collect as many friends on social media as allowed – is there still a 5000 cap for Facebook?

Over the years however, I realize I no longer need an army of friends for validation. I’ve grown cool enough just to hangout with myself. Think of all the time + energy you get back when you surround yourself with the right people! 

So one of the last things I did before leaving 2016 behind was a friends detox. I went through my lists on social media and unfriended a bunch of people. I also reassessed who I’ll be investing my time in going into 2017. Sorry but not sorry if we (virtually) broke up for one or more of these reasons…

You are that friend whose mood swings are more volatile than the stock market! Clearly unpredictable, the way these types of friends treat you depends on what mood they are in. Seriously who wants to be walking on egg shells all the time?

The sensitive snowflake friend overanalyzes everything! They play out how things should be – all rainbows and unicorns, all the time! God forbid if things turns out otherwise. No matter how accommodating you are, deep down you know they are setting themselves up for disappointment. Constantly worrying if what you say or do is going to offend them or burst their bubble is no way to live!

This past election sure created a heck of a lot of frienemies. Whether you are “with her” or not, seriously don’t turn every dang little thing into some political rant!

Nothing is more annoying than the fake it till you make it friend. They are all about exposure and self promotion. They plan where to eat and hang out based on how Instagramable it is. They have zero savings but sure as heck, you won’t be able to tell since their feed is stacked with bottles popping and glorious vacation photos. I admit these friends can be fun to be around – life for them is often all about YOLO! but after a while you begin to question whether your friendship is fake as well.

Keeping up with the _______ friend. You know those friends who can never just be happy for you? Tell them something exciting and they will try to outdo you by pulling out a story from their archives. Poof to those soul crushers!

Those stuck in a comfort zone can still be genuine friends but I find as I get older and take greater leaps and bounds, I have less in common with them. They are always playing it safe by sticking to the same job since graduation, would rather Netflix and chill then pickup a new hobby or who check into the same all-inclusive resorts and call it world traveling. Even worse is if they are complainers but lack the moxy to make any changes for the better. So while I won’t unfriend you, we probably will only have dinner once every few years. Because nothing really changes. Same sh!t different year!

Lastly the friend who minus well remain just a Facebook friend because they turn every opportunity into a social media event! I used to hang with a girl who spent more time taking (and retaking) selfies than interacting with me. On text msg she was chatty and fun but when it came to real face-time, strangely we didn’t have much to say to each other. So while these friends are busy capturing life behind the lens, life just happened.

It’s not always an easy decision to cut people out of your life but by removing (or distancing yourself with) those who bring you down, you make room and time for those who lift you up!


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