Instagram Made Me Do It… Peeps Who Fake It Till They Make It

20th April 2017

Instagram Life

I recently eavesdropped on the most fascinating conversation! A group of four millennials (3 ladies + 1 gent) at the table next to me spilled out all the #NoGutsNoGlory of their social life.

Now I’m not referring to the latest hipster joint they hang out at or the usual Tinder gossip but I’m talking about their life on social media.

Even though I had my laptop out pretending to work, I clearly was wayyyy too entertained for someone looking at Google Analytics. So I gave in and chimed into the conversation, eventually letting them know I was a blogger and shyly asked if it was ok to turn their conversation into a juicy blog post haha.

They got really excited to confess the downright sleazy extremes they and their friends go through all for the sake of Insta!

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at some of these…

  • I walk into fancy restaurants and hotels that I can’t afford but no one has to know as long as I can ‘check-in’ and snap photos, then I walk right back out. (She shows me her recent photos. Beautiful interior shots of the lobby lounge at Shangri-La Hotel and a selfie at d|bar.)
  • I’m a beauty influencer from Vancouver and have 21k followers. Of which 40% I bought but cosmetic brands still send freebies and hire me to create makeup tutorial videos.
  • Every Monday I plan out a whole schedule of what I’m going to eat and where because I’m a foodie and my job is to make people drool. I rarely eat out anywhere that is not #foodporn worthy!


  • I am getting paid by brands but I have to spend a lot of money too. Especially buying flowers and trinkets to stage the products. Then it can take up to 30 mins to set up and get that one perfect shot!


Finally one of them confesses that her followers may be onto her tactics and another discloses her poor spending habits of cutting corners on essentials in order to splurge on ‘more important stuff’…

  • I spend a lot of time making everything look ‘larger than life’ on my blog and I share like crazy on social media. Lately I’m beginning to wonder if people are even paying attention because I barely get any Twitter RT’s or Facebook comments. (I offer her advice to focus on creating autentic content that emotionally connects with her readers to boost engagement. And not just churn out the fluffy safe stuff.)
  • I have to buy furniture on Craigslist or trade on Bunz because a fair share of my pay check goes to manicures and champagne brunches. Those things are nice to look at and gets engagement. (My motherly voice assures her there is nothing wrong with buying second hand but ya, don’t consistently make $16 mimosas a priority!)
  • My friend deletes Instagram photos that get less than 200 Likes. (Seriously, I gasp because I’m happy with 100 Likes!!!)
  • I use at least 2 filters, upwards of 4 enhancement tools for my photos.
  • Nothing is by accident. I stage most of my life around social media these days and it’s becoming stressful. I know it’s sad but that’s what sells for my generation (the millennials).

Thanks J, D, L and D for being honest and sharing! I guess I won’t be as envious now gawking at your feeds haha. #FOMO!! Remember faking it till you make it really is a short term strategy. Take it from this ‘dinosaur mom’ in her late thirties who’s been blogging for 7 years now. Do it too often and you’ll be gone as fast as a Snap. Poof!


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2 thoughts on “Instagram Made Me Do It… Peeps Who Fake It Till They Make It

  1. Leesh

    This was a great read and interesting to hear of their confessions. I’m glad I grew up with a generation who didn’t rely on social media or likes to validate their existence in life. Sure we had AOL/ICQ but we actually got out and lived life rather than worry about our presence on social media. It must be tough for these millennials 🙂 I’m glad you stopped your real work to hone in on this conversation.

    1. Wendy Post author

      Thanks! I agree 100% that we had a better life growing up without needing to worry about being validated and judged by a number or score. I also get tempted to post every pretty food I consume but stop when I ask myself “is this something the world needs to know” haha. Some people way over toot their horns and don’t recognize that nobody is listening or even care!


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