#WednesdayWisdom: Embrace Uncertainty

1st March 2017


I need answers. And I need them now!

Big shifts are coming for our family + business. All of which I don’t have answers ‘yet’ so trying not to be a control freak of my own destiny. Trust the process, allow the universe to do its thing and time will unveil… repeat mantra!

Uncertainty. A far cry from the 10 year masterplan I mapped out for myself in my twenties. All of which mostly did not come true ha.

I never married my high school sweetheart and moved to Manhattan. But I did meet a man that better compliments and challenges me, one who makes me laugh and love harder than I’ve ever known. And we did briefly live in NYC. And Vancouver. And San Francisco.

I didn’t have two kids by 35. But I did give birth to a darling baby boy at 35.

I got that corporate marketing job I loved but ended up ditching the rat race after ‘accidentally’ starting my own business and blog. I never thought I would actually get paid to eat food, travel and write spa reviews!

As you can see lots of curve balls were thrown at me in the last decade. Some balls I managed to catch and others I chose to swerve. Some I even dropped. Having a solid plan did not make things certain. But it all turned out okay and even better!

And that’s the thing with uncertainty. It gives us the chance to think about what we really want – not what we think we need. (Think about that one because there is a big difference.)

It forces us to live in the moment. No matter how uncomfortable. Because the present is the only thing that is certain.

It encourages us to let go of things, memories and people that create a false sense of energy.


And please stop over analyzing! Seriously there doesn’t need to be a rhyme or reason for every single thing and person that enters our lives!

Hopefully uncertainty can also help us recognize and shed those bad habits.

Classic example, I’m such a ‘what if’ person. I never realized how much time I wasted letting my imagination run wild with all these could, should, would (mostly negative) scenarios. Majority of the time, if I just chilled out and waited a bit longer, I’ll get my answer. Patience is a virtue.

But it’s also made me extra anxious and I’ve had to trial and error my way into learning how to manage it. My outlets are journaling, jogging, taking the longer route to get to places, slow travel, adding turmeric in my smoothies and Class Pass!

I’m trying things that I once labeled as being ‘too out there or hippie-ish’ such as consuming mostly a plant-based diet, keeping a few crystals around my home and I’m fascinated by Katrina’s @daily_astrology_ on Instagram.

I’m waking up.

Treating the unknown as an adventure. Paying close attention to anything that may be a ‘clue’ to what’s in store for my family and I in the future. This has led me to open myself up to new experiences and meeting new people. Just over the holidays I randomly started talking to a girl at my local coffee shop and now I have a new foodie friend!

Now I’m not saying to put a pause on those plans but once in a while it’s okay to toss them into the wind and see what happens. Some of the most important and beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later. And when it finally does, it’ll make an epic story!


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