Dyson: The Mighty Little Vacuum That Could…

14th December 2016

Dyson Small Ball

I’m a neat freak and when you have a rambunctious toddler turning your condo upside down, cleaning becomes a major sporting event in our household!

Luckily Dyson Small Ball comes to our rescue! Known as the “ferrari of vacuums”, the price tag that comes with this bad boy is $550… yikes is it really worth the splurge?!

Dyson Small Ball

You may remember that my little family was featured in Toronto Life’s “Condo Generation” two summers ago. Well we are still here – making our 1000 sqft work.

So s-p-a-c-e, any space is very valuable.

When we bring things home we always ask two questions: does it have a minimal design and does it have frequent utility? It’s all about quality over quantity when you are crunched for real estate!

Dyson Vacuum

Not only does the Dyson Small Ball devour everything in its path, it is light weight and maneuvers so effortlessly that my 2 year old thinks vacuuming is a fun game! He giggles as he catches dust bunnies in the tight nooks and crannies and races around the furniture like an obstacle course. And there is NO tipping which I’ve always had to deal with with other light weight upright vacs.

Vacuum for Condo

Noise is minimum so no worries if you are into late night cleaning because you won’t disturb your neighbours. The ball replaces your typical wheels found on other vacuums. And I really appreciate that the cleaner head automatically adjusts between hardwood floors and carpets. Cleaning is a simple push of a button and the dirt from the canister gets release (no bags needed)! I rinse and air dry the filter once a month.


The retractable wand saves up to 50% storage space which is key for condo dwellers and minimalists. Initially it sat in a corner in my hall closet but I found that I used it so much, I now keep it handy in my bathroom. With it’s pretty signature purple, red and grey combo, I really don’t mind having it out in the open either!

Upright Vacuum

One word of caution… be very careful because the suction is THAT great! Before you rev up the engine, you should double check that everything on your floor is safe to vacuum (so pick up those socks and loose change). I had a friend tell me that her Dyson sucked up a piece of wallpaper right off her wall!

Small Vacuum

I use the Dyson Small Ball every other day. I also own the V6+ cordless handheld stick vac ($500) which I use multiple times a day for quickie cleanups.

I still cringe when my little man “makes messy” (he’s in a peanut eating phase so I’m finding shells in the most random places!) but this little yet mighty vacuum totally lives up to the Dyson name and has made my cleaning job that much easier and bearable.

The verdict: splurge and pay the $550! It’s an excellent addition to families living in the city. Make that investment to always have a dust-free and sparkly clean home.

This product was sent to me by Dyson. I tested the vacuum out for 3 weeks and all opinions and photos are my own.


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  1. Elisha

    I have a dyson vac myself and can honestly agree (moving from house to condo) that it is a condo-dweller’s must have. Ours hooks up on the wall in the hall closet-spacesaver indeed.


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