Dear Naysayers, Why I Need You In My Life…

29th June 2017

Believe in yourself

Dear Naysayers,

I’m not going to lie and tell you that I wasn’t affected by all the times you thought my dreams were too grand. When you told me how hard it was going to be or how many other people have tried before me and failed, I got scared and doubted myself… because your opinions matter.

To help boost my self motivation, I started reading ‘how to success in life and business’ articles. I learned I’m supposed to eject the Debbie Downers and surround myself with enablers. So I did just that. One of my oldest friends is my biggest cheerleader. Even before I tell him what I’m going to do, he’s telling me how awesome I’m going to be at it!

Lately I had to overcome some massive barriers. Not entirely new to me because I didn’t exactly get to where I am without jumping over one, two or fifty hurdles.

And it was during this time I had my aha moment…

Accomplishments happen and changes occur not necessarily when you have a tribe always rallying behind you. Rather people who challenge you, those who question your sanity, the ones that ‘what if’ you to death… those ones –> YOU unleash the hungry beast in me. Because I guess nothing irks me more than being told I can’t do something. Roarrrrrr!!!!

Oh no, please don’t think I’m mad or will unfriend you. Although you can turn the pessimism down a notch or two. Here’s why I actually need you to nay all over my life…

Because I was that shy 10 year old girl who hid behind her bangs with the ‘dumb science project idea’… that ended up winning second prize at the school Science Fair.


I was also that 21 year old that was always hovering above the failing grade in any class involving math. Proving that not all Asians are good with numbers!!

With all good intentions I’m sure, you tried convincing me to swap letters, to switch the B.Sc. for a nice B.A. in liberal arts. Perhaps become a teacher or social worker ‘when I grow up’.

Sure I had to take Statistics twice but I also ended up graduating with a B.Sc.Honors. And after 10+ years of working in big corp, I started my own ad agency… and hired an Accountant because I still suck at math!

Each time you didn’t think I could, I did. Your criticism met my perseverance. The more you called it ‘just a dream’ the more motivated I was to ‘real life’ it.  So thank you mean girls, know-it-all professors and naysayers for igniting my flame.

I was the rebel child that would touch something hot just because an adult told me not to. Always been, always will. 🙂

So know that it wasn’t just a ‘phase’ when I decided to become a vegetarian or when I sold almost everything including my condo to trot around the globe for 8 months or when I submitted my US Business Visa application the day Trump got inaugurated… but I appreciate your concern. Now be gentle and stop squishing my bubble!

Mahatma Gandhi once said “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”.

I live for the wins. Xo


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