Difference Maker: Danielle Brovold

26th November 2016

It’s US Thanksgiving weekend which makes it the perfect time to launch my new series call “Difference Maker”.

Each month I’ll be telling a story and sending a gratitude note to someone who has made a lasting impact in my life. Extraordinary people who are often shy and quiet with only a handful of followers on social media, yet who have the biggest hearts and worth ever bit of recognition.

Thank you for making my days brighter!

Wendy Danielle

It was this time, 3 years ago that I was working at an ad tech startup and got promoted to VP of Marketing… I was also ready to pop.

Being the highly motivated, type a personality,  I thought I’ve got this!  My plan was to take 3 months off to stay at home and then ease back into it part-time. Hubby would fill in the rest of the shifts for diaper duty.

Along comes Danielle. Hired 2 weeks before my due date.

I taught her as much as I could and gave her permission to call or email me anytime. Then I said,  see ya I’m going to have a baby now!  The morning I went into labour, I sent her a message letting her know I was feeling funny so she’ll have to send out the company e-newsletter on my behalf. She replied back, no problem! 40 hours later, I became a mom. Yes, I was in labour for TWO days!!

Poor girl was probably confused as heck and nervous but she stepped right up to the plate and took charge. Meanwhile I was the one frantically trying to figure out this new parenting thang!

She still calls me her mentor and favourite boss. I think she totally saved my sanity!

I can’t be grateful enough that our paths crossed. She helped me get through that first year with no panic attacks, she crushed our search marketing program, grew our social media presence and created witty and valuable blog content. We had weekly status updates on the phone or skype and she always ended the conversation asking me if I needed help with anything else. Just this simple gesture made me feel really happy and confident to leave her in charge.

In turn she taught me to also be a better Manager. To let go, delegate and trust someone else to do the job (their way). For those who are perfectionists, you know this is not always easy to do!

I have since left that company and Danielle went on to get another job (making some other boss super lucky). We haven’t seen each other in (Internet) ages but you can bet her name still comes up often.

That photo of us is my favourite and speaks volumes… about a lovely young lady who I hired to assist with marketing duties but at the end, she helped me focus on the most important job of all: being a mother.


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