3 Things To Do Before You Call It Quits

24th January 2017


Who really likes to admit defeat? I’m especially not one to back down from a challenge. As a matter of face, I’ve got one of those relentlessly determined personalities where I want to turn every #loss into a #win.

From working out, to mundane tasks, jobs or even quitting relationships, think of the last time you threw in (or thought about throwing in) the towel. Did you rationalize why it’s wasn’t worth it or create road blocks (I just didn’t have enough time!) or were you simply afraid of failure or rejection?

Even if it’s uber unpleasant I assure you there is a way to turn it around. Maybe you won’t ever love it but you’ll at least learn to appreciate it more. Here are 3 tips to help you not quit and I promise you will feel much better knowing you conquered it!

1) Get a liability partner

There’s no shame in admitting you can’t do it on your own. That’s where friends and mentors come in. A liability partner is someone who holds you accountable for _________. So find someone who you can share a very honest relationship with, someone who will call you out for slacking off and who’ll be your cheerleader to keep you on track and on the path to success.

2) Change things up one variable at a time

A lot of my friends have joined running clubs and some have even become marathon fanatics but I never really liked running. When Nike Women released their gorgeous new line of active wear, my interest in exercise piqued because who doesn’t want to buy cute outfits and fancy shoes right?! But my running career was short lived.

Then one crispy fall day, I dropped off my son at Montessori School and had to rush back to do something else. So I ran all the way home. And I loved it.

Nothing really changed except I accidentally discovered that I prefer running in the cold!! All the other times, I would run outside when it was warm or inside on a treadmill (boooring).


So change things up. In marketing, we call it ‘split-testing’. Even if the idea seems absurd (I am so not a winter person), you do your one thing (running) and change the variable up (outside in the cold) until you start bitching less and doing more!

3) Develop a rhythm that works for you

Believe it or not, but writing doesn’t come easy for me. I know people who can bang out a blog post in an hour while it takes me an average of 1.5 to 2 hours to create a 400-500 word post.

So what I started doing was changing up the way I blogged. Screw the editorial schedule which I meticulously lived by for 6 years when I was writing for HUG. I now allocate 2-3 hrs per day to just write. Whatever, I have completed, I then assign to my schedule.  So if I finish 3 posts, I’ll publish them Monday, Wednesday and Saturday of the following week.

Lets be honest, unless you owe sponsored content, most bloggers likely write against a self-imposed deadline – one that can conveniently be pushed aside to attend events or to watch just one more episode on Netflix. So try switching up your routine.

Let me know how it works out for you and as always, I’ll love to hear your tips!


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