#MondayMotivation: Be True To Yourself

20th March 2017

Who You Are

It’s March Break so I’m going to be unplugging for the next little while to spend time with my family. But I’ll still be snapping pics on Instagram! We are meeting up in Banff & Jasper for a ski vacation and then spending a few days in Edmonton. Before I board my flight, I’m going to leave you with something important to think about…

Try not to get caught up in filters, #fomo, competition or other people’s expectations of how you should live. Seriously when was the last time you were true to yourself?!

For me it was when I did a friends detox at the beginning of the year. I still travel to (and love) the US even after close friend’s have tried convincing me to go elsewhere until Trump is out. I don’t have a selfie wearing a pussy hat while marching in a feminist parade (I didn’t even go and I actually don’t like that word “feminist” altogether) but that doesn’t make me less supportive of equal gender rights. I don’t get embarrassed anymore when I’m seen with a Dollarama bag ha! And while it looked like I had it all together, I admit I had mega issues with the work-life balance thing so I left my job and now I’m a SAHM that does consulting on the side. Oh and I stopped using filters all together so what you see on my social feed is what you get… skinny fat and all (but I’m working on it)! 🙂



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