#GirlBoss: Amira de Vera of Project Four PR

5th March 2017

Amira de Vera

Amira and I go way back. Rewind to 2010 when we used to meet over coffees + cocktails to talk about boys and dream about starting our own businesses. She’s become my little sister and it’s been incredible watching her grow in her career and life. Always putting on a brave face and big smile, she may be little but expect big things from her! Meet Amira de Vera, #GirlBoss and (drumroll…) Founder of Project Four PR.

What’s a day in the life of Amira de Vera like?

This is a bit of a cliché PR answer but no days are really typical for me. I have some days where I am sitting at my desk from 9am till late at night working and then there are some days where I am running from meeting to meeting or accompanying clients to a media interview or photo shoot. One thing that you can find typical and consistent about my daily routine is that I like to insert a one-hour workout in there, regardless of how busy I am. I always, always make time to work out!

Project Four PR

You have been talking about starting your own agency since we met and you finally did it. Congrats! Tell us about Project Four PR. 

I know! It’s so crazy to think that what I merely dreamed about is now an actual reality!!

Project Four PR is a Sports and Entertainment Public Relations and Management Firm representing some of the country’s top talents in the film, television, sports, music and lifestyle industries. We specialize in personal publicity and management services which includes media relations, brand endorsements, charitable partnerships, red carpet attendance, and digital strategies. Essentially, we turn people into household names.

I have always been passionate about the entertainment and sports industry, particularly in the talents that make it up. Personal publicity always came natural to me and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your clients blossom and grow into their career. Watching other people live their dream and accomplish their highest vision is why I do what I do.


One of my favourite quotes is ‘The things that excite you are not random. They are connected to your purpose. Follow them.’ This has always been something I envisioned happening but I never thought it could happen sooner than I thought. I feel very lucky.

What scares you the most?

Honestly, there’s very few things that scare me because as I have gotten older, I have really learned to take things as they go. Living in the moment has been an incredible skill I have recently acquired and that in turn throws away a lot of your fears out the door. I think it’s important for us to be present and just enjoy and be grateful for what we have at that time and not worry about the rest.

If you’re talking actual physical fears… I am terrified of heights. You won’t see me bungee jumping or sky diving any time soon!

Amira de Vera

Your favourite dining and hangout spots in Toronto…

I can’t think of a harder question haha! If you know me, you know how much I love my city and all the great dining and hot spots around town. I have so many places I love frequenting but since I moved to Liberty Village in the Fall of last year I’ve become quite a bit of a West End snob! Colette is my go to for a great coffee/tea and work session. I love Portland Variety for brunch. Bac Ky for delicious pho! Oretta for a new hot spot to check out. And I can’t forget about my favourite workout spots. For a good sweat, check out Fit Factory Fitness, Studio Lagree, Studio KO, Strive Life Athletics and Barreworks!

We know you love puppies, vegan pho, Raptors and your bff Vanna! What other things bring you comfort and keeps you motivated?

It’s like you summed up all my favourite things in one sentence!! I would like to add my very supportive boyfriend and family who have always stuck by me no matter what. They are my rocks. I find motivation from my clients. We are all hustling for the same goal and nothing pushes me more than to see the progress we make together.

Amira de Vera

In 160 characters or less, give us your best life (or work) advice.

Live in the moment and be present. Trust in the process and enjoy the journey. Everything happens for a reason. It takes a long time for people to realize these three things but when they do, they’ll see how rewarding life (and work) can be. Oh and always start things now. There’s no point in waiting and no time like the present. You’ll never ever regret taking that chance to do what you love sooner than later. (Ok Amira that is more than 160 characters but we get it!)

Top 3 places on your travel bucket list…

Europe! I haven’t been yet, how crazy is that?! Bora Bora and Maldives.

If you wrote a biography, what would the book title be?

‘Do everything with love, kindness and a smile.’
There’s this odd cliché in the industry of public relations that women have to be tough, mean and/or b**chy. I have built my career out of kindness and forming incredible and authentic relationships with the people I have met along the way. There is such a thing as being nice and still being successful. I hope to spread this way of thinking to the next generation of PR hopefuls.  

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