The Eddy, NYC

2nd October 2016

The Eddy

No matter how many times I visit NYC (21 times and counting!) there is always something new to do, see and of course, eat.

I love introducing and sharing my experiences at fine dining restaurants with local charm… The Eddy in the East Village is a restaurant that serves seasonal American fare & has a drink list strong on French wines & globally accented cocktails.

The Eddy Bar

By the time I arrived at 6:30 the place was buzzing with patrons stumbling in after a long day at work. Couples on date night like us and a group celebrating a birthday took up half the restaurant… it only seats 30.

I was a bit woozy arriving in a cab from midtown but thanks to the attentive staff (especially Al and Julie), a refreshing non-alcoholic ginger beer was brought out to help settle my stomach.

The Eddy NYC

The timber rafters, exposed brick and dim lighting created a warm and inviting atmosphere. This is the type of place were you can have intimate conversations without yelling across the table or being drowned out by lounge music turned up several notches too high.

Felix Felicis

It’s been a while since I’ve come across such a delicious and inventive cocktail menu. Such as the Felix Felicis inspired by Harry Potter. Head Bartender, Luis Hernandez expertly brews up the good luck potion with champagne, sugar cubes soaked in green chartreuse, and gold dust cordial floats on top for a sparkly magical effect.

Fluke with watermelon

The Eddy offers a 5 course tasting menu ($75) that is wildly popular and I can see why – because I wanted a taste of everything!

But we finally decided to go a la carte sharing a selection of appetizers…

I love everything watermelon and the juicy morsels complimented the mild sweetness of the fluke (a marine flatfish) and salty Korean Nori perfectly. I enjoyed this starter so much I could have had it as my main course!

Stone Fruit

If you are a fan of peaces, this stone fruit nested in watercress puree and topped with kunik and sunflower frico is pretty darn tasty. An innovative combination of tart and salty flavours.


For the main, I had the grass fed steak with beans, basil and scallion ash. Flavourful and charred well on the outside and pleasurably tender inside.


My husband, who has a picky palette (and is vegan but eats seafood) definitely didn’t feel left out. Chef Brendan McHale happily accommodated his request to remove dairy from the dishes and when possible, substitute out meat for vegetables.

The Eddy NYC

Jason Soloway, co-owner of The Eddy is not new to the food scene. He grew up in the family restaurant business in Toronto and decided to set up shop in NYC, opening not one but two restaurants. His other pride and joy is Wallflower in the West Village.

So how does he stand out in the food mecca of NYC? Ya I thought he was crazy too by taking such a huge plunge but after spending 2 hours dining at The Eddy and following up with a 45 mins phone call a few days later, I can understand why.

Jason and his quality obsessed staff really care. Not only do they create food and drink that is deliciously familiar – while pushing your palette and flooding your tastebuds, but their hospitality is on par with what is expected from 5 star establishments.

The cocktail list changes approximately every quarter and the menu is seasonal which ensures ingredients are consistently fresh and repeat visitors will always have unique dishes to look forward to. I know I’ll be back next time I’m in town.

The Eddy // 342 East 6th St // New York // 646.895.9884

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