Here Comes The Taco Bus!

3rd March 2016

Chef Andre

Beep beep the VW Bus has arrived to Richtree and is serving up some of the city’s best tacos!

“We really wanted to create a unique and interesting experience for our guests.” explains Chef Andre Walker. And yes, he did because this iconic rusty 1974 VW has been beautifully transformed into a one-of-a-kind taco stand that captures everything that’s great about Mexico – tasty food, the beach and fun-in-the-sun with family and friends.

Taco Bus

After my recent shopping trip at Eaton Centre, I stopped by for dinner.  The menu is small but what’s on there is done well and done right.

The Pollo Chilorio (chicken) tacos was point-on and my favourite.  Well-seasoned and accompanied by diced onions and tomatoes, and served on warm flour tortillas. The Chipotle Braised Res (beef) was tender, shreddable and would please any taco aficionados.


I tend to stay away from fish tacos because I find them often too greasy, soggy or overly breaded.  I was delightfully surprised however, when I took my first bite as these Baja Fish tacos were firm, perfectly fried and just had the right amount of crunch.

The baja fish, chicken and pork can all be made into a hearty burrito as well.  Meanwhile, vegetarians and vegans won’t feel left out. Order the Hearts of Palm — it’s bursting with flavour and made up of fresh ingredients such as orange and guajillo hearts of palm, guacamole, chipotle mayo lettuce, pickled onion, cilantro and cotija.

Taco Bus Richtree

Pleasantly chase down your meal with a cold bottle of Jarritos.  A popular soft drink in Mexico that uses cane sugar and comes in a variety of tropical flavours like pineapple and mango.


The only thing missing is they should make their own salsa, and offering guac and chips on the side would also be a nice added touch. Otherwise, the portion size is healthy and the price is right.  Tacos are $3.69 each or grab three for $10.  Burritos are $10 each.

Catch the Taco Bus at Richtree in the Eaton Centre during mall hours.


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