Organic Raw Food & Juice Cleanse

8th February 2017

Collard Wrap

I never realized how often I thought about food until I did this detox. Like twice every hour, at least!

I had falafel cravings. I walked into a bagel shop and walked right back out remembering that I was not allowed to eat! Then on my way to pickup my son from Montessori School, I thought about how yummy it would be to share a granola bar with him. Well not today.

Giving up eating for 2 days is a pretty big deal for me!

But all in the name of health right?! I commit to doing one cleanse annually and this year, I went with Belmonte Raw. Their Beginner’s Cleanse is made for active lifestyles – it’s higher in calories which is just what this working momma needs!

The cleanse was delivered to my door at 7am and included 8 cold-pressed juices + 4 organic raw meals. My breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next 48 hours.

I chose Monday to start my cleanse and this is how it went…


As recommended, I woke up and had 1 litre of room temperature water with lemon.


Between attempting to get dressed while chasing around my toddler to get him prepped for school, I sipped on the Antiox Smoothie: a pretty purple anti-oxidant and anti-aging concoction of blueberries, almond, oat, vanilla, chia, dates and acai. I liked that it was flavourful but not overly sweet.


Checked emails and did a light 30 mins workout + 10 mins of meditation (with Headspace) before being rewarded with Clarity: lemon, ginger and carrot juice, all great for skin nourishment. I was feeling alive and focused. I’ve got this!


Yay lunch time! Yes, in this cleanse you are allowed to eat (a bit). I chowed down on the Collard Wrap made with crunchy veggies like cauliflower, jicama, carrots and drizzled with madras cashew curry dressing. Yum! This was my favourite meal out of the four.



After zipping around King West taking down some errands, I was beginning to feel the hunger pangs and needed an Uplift: spinach, cucumber, apple, lemon, parsley and ginger juice.

A small headache also started coming on which is a common detox symptom and just meant that my body was doing it’s thing and expelling unwanted toxins. Lying down with my peppermint aromatherapy neck pillow helped.


Mid-day shot? You bet! The 100% Aloe Elixir enhances digestion and increases nutrient absorption.

Usually by this time, I’m in the lull and need a soy latte or a few chocolate espresso beans to pick me up but today I felt really energized. So off I jogged for 30 mins to pick up the little man from school. Then he wanted some “campey-camp” (cantaloupe). Oh no! So we went to the grocery store and ya, I was practically salivating down the aisles.

Vegan Salad


Soooo hangry by this time that I basically inhaled the Liver Booster Salad. Then I finished my final Deep Cleansing Detox made with kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, ginger, apple and lemon. This green juice was quite advanced – it tasted earthy and mega nutritious!


After cleaning up and putting my son to bed, I took an epsom salt bath and unwinded with a cup of Liver Cleanse Tea. It’s got dandelion root, nettle, lemongrass, spearmint and liquorice ← which I don’t like the taste of but hey, it does the body good!


Lights out. Off to bed feeling happy and healthy. I swore I dreamt about pizza though!

Vegan Salad

The next morning, I woke up and started this cleanse all over again. The raw meals for the second day was a Taco Salad and Spring Slaw. I thought I was going to be starving but my body surprisingly adjusted and I didn’t feel as hungry as long as I kept drinking juice.

When the 48 hours was up, as tempted I was to stuff my face with all kinds of food, I eased back into it by introducing my body to a warm (heaping) bowl of butternut squash soup and 3 pieces of dark chocolate (I couldn’t resist)!

It’s been a week after my cleanse and I’m definitely feeling well balanced. I’m calmer and my concentration has improved.

Since I was pretty much consuming 500 ml of juice every two hours, I also realize I’m not drinking enough. So I washed out the bottles, filled them with fruit infused water and make a point to stay hydrated throughout the day.

I enjoyed the raw food but don’t think I can live on it because I really miss having something hot in my belly (especially since it’s winter). Plus I love potatoes and soup!

This cleanse however, has definitely made me think more about what I’m putting into my body. Now that it’s ‘reset’ I want to maintain feeling naturally energized, radiant and optimistic year round!

Belmonte Raw offers six types of cleanses ranging from $70 to 75 per day. They are also known for their organic cold-pressed juices and vegan, gluten-free, organic edibles including the yummiest desserts!


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