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9th January 2017

I’m surprised at how many people actually have not tried Kombucha yet! I’ve been drinking it since 2012 and it totally beats any sodas or ice teas.

What the heck is it, you ask??

Pronounced com-boo-cha. It’s basically a fermented drink made with tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast. It’s sweet, tangy and has a fizzy kick to it. At first it may taste somewhat herbally. <– Hmmm is that a word? But you learn to quickly appreciate it.

Check out my interview with Zoey Shamai the #GirlBoss and Founder of Tonica Kombucha.

Tonica Zoey

I’ve tried over 7 brands and my favourite is GT’s Synergy Kombucha. They just nailed it with the right amount of fizz and inventive flavours (they have 20!). Third Eye Chai tastes like apple pie and Trilogy is a bubbly spicy punch with raspberries, lemons and ginger.

Recently I discovered Oregon-based Brew Dr. Kombucha. More mild in flavour with a strong fizz and clean refreshing taste. I’m also a sucker for their pretty packaging!

Their brew is cleverly labeled with fun and cheeky names. Love is made with jasmine green tea, lavender, chamomile, damiana and rose. Clean Mind has green tea, rosemary, peppermint, sage and dandelion root. Seriously what other bevy packs so much yummy goodness all in one bottle?! All ingredients are also organic.

Known as the “Immortal Health Elixir” by the Chinese, Kombucha is not the newest health trend. It’s actually been around for 2,000 years and has a rich anecdotal history of health benefits like detoxing, preventing and fighting cancer, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases. You can read more about it’s benefits from Wellness Mama.

I grab mine at Whole Foods and health food stores like Noah’s. A bottle costs $3-5. Give it a try and let me know what you think! What other brands do you enjoy?

You can also get it hand-crafted on tap at Witches Brew in Kensington Market.

Or take a workshop on how to make Kombucha.

And if you love it that much, easily brew your own! Here’s the magic recipe from Rise Kombucha. Cheers!

Note for those who are pregnant or nursing: Kombucha does contain bacteria and in some cases 0.5%+ of alcohol. As tasty as it is, this is not a kid’s drink either.

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