Delysèes Authentic French Bakery

16th January 2017



Upon entering Delysees, be sure to leave self control at the door. This authentic French bakery does not do things by halves, with all creations decadent in both looks and taste.

The bakery is clean and minimal, allowing you to concentrate on the goods showcased in the wide display. It’s higher end, however, the staff are all unpretentious and keen to chat through each item, offer suggestions, or let you browse in awed silence at the miniature artworks.


The bakery’s focus is on dessert in every form, from macarons to cheesecake.

The macarons rotate but there is always an extensive choice of over 20 flavours. The birthday cake macaron ($2.35) is apparently a favourite among kids but a bit sweet for my taste as it incorporates cake mix in the macaron itself. The sugar rush did not stop me sampling the praline crunch, champagne, and lime which were all bites of heaven.


The gold eclair ($4.50) was too eye catching to miss as it is sprayed with actual edible gold! The choux pastry was a tad dry for my taste – not quite saved by the dark chocolate patisserie cream inside. 

Fancy Cakes

Despite eating my way through over a week’s worth of carbs and sugar, I went back for the individual desserts ($6-9). The Chocolate Dome looks like a colourful Jawbreaker but is instead a dense chocolate mousse that would win over any chocoholic. 

Make it clear if you have a dining companion that it is sold as individual desserts, meaning no sharing these delights (unless you want to try theirs)! 

Delysees Bakery

The Passionfruit Cheesecake was surprisingly light. The tartness of the passionfruit works well with the airy cream and finishes with almond chocolate crisp base. The Mont Blanc felt as close to a French Christmas as you can get in Toronto with its mix of chestnut cream balanced with a berry confit for necessary sharpness. Balance seems key in the desserts with the richness never overpowering.

The Madagascar Vanilla Blackberry is CJ’s favourite because it has a chocolate cookie underneath and mixed berry macaron on top!

There are larger versions of the cakes for 6-8 people ($50) which include a complimentary chocolate plaque for messages that can be completed on the spot.

Artisan Chocolates

And don’t forget the chocolate bonbons. Available for individual purchase but you’ll probably want to opt for the box of 18!

This sweet-tooth’s heaven will leave your wallet lighter and your pants tighter however if you’re wanting a dessert to impress you’ve found the right place. Drool over their Instagram here.

DELYSEES  //  780 King Street West  //  416.360.0095

TIFFANY VITTI  //  An Aussie with a background in advertising and journalism. Her main passions are eating more than physically capable, and exploring Toronto until she knows it better than the locals… which may take a while. 

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