BarNotes: Dancing With the Devil Cocktail

20th October 2016

Jim Beam Cocktail

It’s almost Halloween! I’ll be dressing up as a devil and serving up a round of ghoulish spirit called “Dancing With the Devil”.

Jim Beam sent me a bottle of their Devil’s Cut Bourbon for the special occasion. It is their trademarked term for whiskey that is still “trapped within the wood” after dumping.

The portion that is lost due to pure evaporation through the barrel is known as the Angel’s Share. The portion that is absorbed and trapped in the barrel’s wood is known as the Devil’s Cut. The end result is a bold deep colour drink with robust notes of wood and vanilla.


– 30 ml Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Bourbon
– 15 ml Triple Sec Liqueur
– 30 ml Fresh Lemon Sour
– 30 ml Passion Fruit Juice
– 2 dashes Tabasco Sauce (if you like it spicy)


Shake with ice. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with gummy worms. I also like to throw in a few bits of candy corn for added sweetness. Cheers!

This recipe makes one drink that has approximately 1.5 oz of alcohol. If you prefer it stiff, use 60 ml of Jim Beam and 30 ml of Triple Sec.

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