Tea Time At Crown & Crumpet SF

9th January 2019

It’s ‘winter’ in the Bay Area and that means lots more rain and fog. But a cup of steaming tea + warm scones and a good gab fest with the girls can definitely brighten up the day!

Crown & Crumpet is located in a modern building wedged between authentic shops and salons in Japantown. From the glass exterior, it doesn’t much resemble an English Tea Stop but inside, florals and whimsical decorations adorn white walls and pastel pink bench seating.

Afternoon Tea is reasonably priced at $32 per person. You get a large pot of loose leaf tea, two freshly made little sandwiches, two warm savouries, one scone and crumpet with clotted cream, house-made lemon curd and jam, and five bite-sized sweets.

Their tea collection is expansive and could have been an overwhelming decision had they not neatly categorized it into blacks, greens, fruity, herbals and their Special Reserve — Lychee Congou, Peach Crumpet, White Peony, Tieguanyin Oolong and Imperial Pu-Erh.

Tip: it’s best to come as a larger group (the more the merrier!) and so you can try multiple teas. Our table of 5 shared the peach tea, the lychee (which I highly recommend!), Duke of Earl (a more citrusy version of Earl Grey), Jasmine and Happiness (a tropical green tea blend).

Budget around an hour and half to enjoy your tea experience and remember to make reservations well in advance. Because we had a late seating, this was pretty much our early dinner. Chocolate and fancy finger sandwiches sounds like my son’s kinda meal!

This is an ideal and fun place for a mommy & little’s date since it’s more of a casual atmosphere and they serve a $18 Nursery Tea for under 12. An a la carte lunch menu is also offered with hot-pressed sandwiches, soups and salads just incase you are looking for something lighter. The Trolley Dolly Tea Menu is your quick fix option if you can’t spare the time but still want to try their tea and a scone or crumpet for $10-14.

Crown & Crumpet is located at 1746 Post Street in San Francisco.

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