BarNotes: Orange Cardamom Cold Brewed Coffee

22nd March 2018

Orange Cardamom Coffee

I had this coffee in Costa Rica and was addicted after the first sip! I was only able to find it at Tacobar Jaco so I started making my own. Rich in flavour (the cardamon is a warm spice), it’s got both the zest and the buzz! I think you will enjoy it too.


  • Your favourite coffee blend
  • 1 orange
  • Ground cardamom or 3-5 crushed pods
  • Almond or soy milk
  • Ice cubes
  • Simple syrup or sugar or agave


If you want to get fancy, here’s the recipe for homemade cold brew. Otherwise, you can just use your favourite coffee.


Working to roughly a 1:8 coffee-to-water ratio, place your grounds in the bottom of the jar, add in your cardamom and cover with cold water. Stir gently until well combined, then cover and leave to infuse and steep for 12-18 hours depending on how concentrated you want it. Then store either in or out of the fridge. When brewed, strain into a large bowl through a sieve to remove the larger grounds.

Pour your coffee in a cup (I like using mason jars), squeeze in one small orange wedge and top up with almond/soy milk. Add in your sweetener and drop in a few ice cubes. Enjoy!

I didn’t list out proportions because everyone likes their coffee differently. For me, I prefer 2/3 cup of coffee with 1/3 almond milk. I also like to squeeze in actual orange juice but if you prefer, you can use the zest instead. Here’s the instructions on how to zest citrus fruits.

Bartender Notes:

Garnish with orange slices. In CR, the oranges have a lovely contrasting green peel! Sprinkle in spices like cinnamon, vanilla or even peppercorn! For the spiked version, splash in some rum.


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3 thoughts on “BarNotes: Orange Cardamom Cold Brewed Coffee

    1. Wendy Post author

      Yes, citrus! Jimmy’s Coffee made an orange iced latte last summer so I hope they bring it back. I hardly drink straight up coffee so these blends are perfect for me.


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