MomsTO Very Mommy Wine Festival

28th August 2017


When CJ was born I found a fabulous tribe of new moms who lived downtown but there was definitely no wine served at our playdates.

And that’s what makes this event extra unique. MomsTO invite you and your babe to their inaugural Very Mommy Wine Festival on September 13 at the Artscape Wychwood Barns.

Join 500 other women to laugh, vent and celebrate the life changing experience of motherhood.

Your $65 ticket includes a swag bag, wine + canapes. And yes, it’s all you can drink and eat ladies!


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5 thoughts on “MomsTO Very Mommy Wine Festival

    1. Wendy Post author

      MomsTO is a newish group. I wish they had events like this when CJ was a baby! Now he has his own agenda so probably won’t just tag along while I drink wine haha! They host other events too and I read that they welcome toddlers. Maybe we can go together sometime!

  1. Eileen Herbert

    Wine and developing babies are a recipe for disaster . Wine and a baby in
    a car seat are a recipe for disaster . If you are breastfeeding the milk is alcohol laced. And this is your idea of fun. ? And taxpayers will be on the hook
    when your alcohol laced babies reach school age and are impossible
    to control , never mind teach.

    Retired long time Newborn ICU NURSE.

    1. Wendy Post author

      Hi Eileen, not sure if you saw this response to the Wine Event but sharing it again

      Also Alana Kayfetz (Founder of MomsTO) speaks out about her controversial event here…

      The organizers also partnered up with Uber to encourage moms to leave their vehicles at home and use public services to arrive home safely. Your comment about taxpayers can also easily be applied to the wasted dollars spent on providing health care for smokers, those who eat unhealthy processed/fast foods and develop cardiovascular diseases, etc.

      I worked in media while I was nursing and attended many events but I didn’t have one drop of alcohol. It’s more about the socialization and getting out — taking a fun break from the daily grinds of parenting, that’s what the goal of MomsTO is about, not endorsing a booze feast.


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